RapidiOnline Board of Directors

Søren Fink-Jensen, Chairman of the Board

Søren Fink-Jensen has more than 25 years business experience in the IT industry, including senior-level positions at Microsoft and Navision. From 2002 to 2009, he worked at Microsoft Corporation, where he held the position of Western European General Manager for Small and Medium Solutions and Partners and General Manager of OEM Strategy for Microsoft International. Søren is the CEO of 1ClickFactory, which he founded in 2009 and is a member of several boards of IT companies. 

Claus Jepsen, Member of the Board

Claus Jepsen

With large professional experience business developement and leadership within the IT industry, Claus Jepsen is a valuable assets in RapidiOnline's Board of Directors. Claus is a veteran and a pioneer within the IT field for half a century. Claus brings on a wealth of experience and leadership to help define the global strategy of RapidiOnline reaching new heights and leading the way of data integration, replication and migration. Claus has held numerous executive roles in multinational companies such as Christian Rovsing, CMA, Maersk IT and Navision Software. Claus is former Chairman of the Danish IT Association and an active member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce. Claus is also an expert judge at the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen Denmark.

Michael Bock, Founder & Owner

Michael Bock Michael Bock has been involved in developing data integration solutions since 1987 following his Master of Science in Software Engineering with his doctorate in Developing Software for Commercial Use. Being the founder and managing director of RapidiOnline he has a clear mission to create easy data integration solutions to address the specific needs of mid-market enterprises and the system end-users. Before attending the position as a managing director of Rapidi ApS (former Data Backbone Software A/S) Michael Bock was working for Navision Software from 1989-1991. He was responsible for the development of the Spanish and the French version of Navision. After his career in Navision he worked for Mærsk–IT, where he was taking part in developing software distributed out in a worldwide network.