Company History

RapidiOnline is a family owned business and started back in 1945 in Løgumkloster, a small town in the southern parts of Jutland/Denmark. Started by CEO Michael Bock's grandfather, Johannes Bock the company initially sold pipes and smoking commodities to local grocers. As his business expanded to include importing different products for grocers in the local area the name Kloster Import A/S was chosen. In the early 1970's Johannes Bock's son Christian Bock took over the business expanding the assortment even further by including toys and fancy goods such as pens, leather, plastics and textiles, clients now being grocers, supermarkets and small summer shops.

In 1987 Michael Bock started a department with software development. Michael Bock gradually took over the business during the 1990's as the software activities became the primary activities. In the late 1990's the software department expanded to 14 employees by the end of December 2000. January 2001 all software activities were moved from Kloster Import A/S to the subsidiary company Kloster Import Development A/S which at the same time changed name to Data Backbone Software A/S. This was done to meet the growing interest throughout the world for our software and get a name easier recognized in the software business.

In 2004 we embraced the SaaS business concept and we expanded the business by delivering our data integration solutions as an on demand service through the website In January 2010 Data Backbone Software A/S changed its name to Rapidi A/S and operates today under the Brand RapidiOnline.