RapidiOnline has in recent years initiated various actions to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Like so many other companies use RapidiOnline a set of values as a management tool and to communicate our profile. In 2008 we added value "Environmentally friendly" to this set of values.

The value deviates slightly from the other values ??we work with, but we believe that even the IT industry holds an important responsibility to reduce our impact on nature and climate. Everything included, so is the IT industry today produces about 2% of total CO2 emissions which is the same as the aviation industry.

Therefore RapidiOnline launched several initiatives to reduce our energy consumption - and we thought that by writing about them here, they might inspire other companies to do the same thing or we could get input on how we can do more:

1. We have set energy-saving agenda and made it a goal in itself to save energy.

2. Since 2006 we have used the online meetings. A large part of those meetings before we would have flown if it had not been for the possibility of an online meeting. We can see from our records that after we really got online meetings with us, our travel dropped dramatically.

3. Our integration solutions have throughout history been sold both as a SaaS solution - on servers at our hosting provider in Atlanta - and as an installed solution - the customer's server (s). SaaS solution is far more energy efficient because the load from many clients spread over fewer, more powerful and dedicated servers. Today we basically only sell our integration solutions as SaaS solution.

4. We adjusted in our workplace that power runs with low energy suppliances. When we buy new equipment we favour products that have a low energy consumption as well.

5. Our computers and servers go to sleep at night when there is no activity.

6. We use laptops, which use a lot less energy than normal Computers

7. Almost all of our internal servers have been shot down and have been replaced by OnDemand services - we use E-Conomic for accounting, for CRM and Google Mail/Apps for mail and document storage.

These are examples of actions on our part. This is certainly not enough - and this post is not intended as an excuse for not doing more. But unlike the airline industry, IT industry more easily move from being a part of the problem to be a part of the solution.

Do you have suggestions on what we can do better in this area, please send an email to [email protected]