The Technology

The technology used on RapidiOnline is based on standard software named Data Backbone Universal Edition, which is used by clients like B&O, Danisco, Siemens Austria, Rema1000, Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics and Wiesenhof. This technology was developed by Rapidi ApS (formerly known as Data Backbone Software A/S) since 1992 until today.

Effecient, compressed and secure data communication

When RapidiOnline was founded the well proven technology throughout the years was brought online enabling RapidiOnline's Customers taking advantage of the data integration services on a subscription basis.
The RapidiOnline Services run with a unique technology called the RapidiConnector that ensures data communication (compressed and secure data transfer) between RapidiOnline and the different On-Premise systems. For best efficiency and security the data is compressed and encrypted.


Scalability: From simple data transfer needs, to detailed data manipulation. With the RapidiOnline service you have flexible setup options: You can use a fixed configuration out of the box or you can extend the configuration to your specific needs.

High Speed: We use the native interfaces from different database vendors to maximize the speed of data transfer, where possible. The typical speed is 5.000-10.000 records per minute.

Flexible in operation: Choose to have transfers run automatically and repeatedly whenever you want with the use of a built-in scheduler, choose to manually run transfers from the Configuration application or from a command line prompt.

Easy to Setup: Setup is easy since you have the possibility of making a lookup in the chosen database’ s design, listing the tables and fields available.

To find out more about how the technology is used read our Customer Case Stories.