Data Integration made easy

Implementing an integration between different systems is often a lengthy and challenging process. Different formats and incompatible systems and databases makes this task difficult to complete.

Our Vision is to make data integration an uncomplicated and simple task.

An easy set-up and user-friendly interface has been of high priority when developing this site and service. With a variety of standard setups with basic integration steps you will succeed in no time. Furthermore, the RapidiOnline service is flexible and can be customised if you have special needs.

Security and Speed

Another design criteria is to provide a secure service where your information is exchanged in a consistent way. in building on Data Backbone's optimized technology, we ensure that data are transferred with maximum speed and that high volumes can be processed in a timely manner.

We dedicate ourselves to help people and organisations need for a happier and healthier lives through innovation in data integration solutions that improve people's business processes and productivity.