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7 Steps to Successful Salesforce Integration with your ERP System

Salesforce MS Dynamics AX Integration Overview

What are the best practices and usual data integration scenarios when integrating Salesforce with your ERP system such as MS Dynamics?

In this post we would like to outline the common integration points that we see the most when integrating Salesforce with MS Dynamics NAV or MS Dynamics AX.

Partnering with Kaptio - Delivering ERP and CRM Integration Solutions

kaptio logoWe are excited to announce our partnership with Kaptio. The primary focus of our partnership is integrating with MS Dynamics AX (Axapta) and MS Dynamics NAV (Navision).

Kaptio is focused on helping their customers develop new innovative business processes and customer-facing web applications on public cloud platforms such as and Heroku. Founded in 2009, Kaptio’s mission is to provide strategic guidance and agile execution for businesses. They help them leverage to transform business processes and build a stronger connection between customers, partners, employees and products. They help their clients improve their business using social and mobile technology, delivered through and other public cloud platforms such as Heroku, Amazon Web Services and Zuora.

Kaptio applies new ideas and technology to help enterprises become more productive and agile. They partner with their clients to provide business transformation that will improve workforce productivity and top line metrics such as revenue and customer satisfaction. Kaptio positions itself between classic management consultants and agile technical designers. They link together strategic business objectives with technological and developmental execution.

Kaptio uses RapidiOnline to deliver ERP and CRM integration solutions. Together Kaptio and RapidiOnline make your Salesforce CRM and your MS Dynamics ERP systems more valuable. Together we make your data more valuable!

Read more about Kaptio

Are you also interested in growing your Business as a RapidiOnline Partner?

RapidiOnline offers different partner programs tailored for specific situations and projects.

For Business Partners we offer our Business Partner Program.

For ISV Partners we offer our ISV Partner Program.

Contact Us Today for further information on partnering with RapidiOnline.

Accelerate your to MS Dynamics NAV Integration Project

salesforce nav integration

Talking to many prospects, I often experience that the integration is of low priority when implementing new systems or applications in an organization. Our large experience working with our customers and dealing with several integration projects show us that those companies who embrace data integration in the very beginning when implementing new applications or systems, have a higher success rate than other enterprises that chose to wait and postpone the data integration project.

Tee Huay Ming alias Ada: Data Integration Implementation Consultant

huay ming tee alias Ada"Just call me Ada" was her smart answer to one of our french friends asking about her Name. We all at RapidiOnline also prefer to call her Ada, as we are not that fluent in the Asian names. :)

So, a very warm welcome to Tee Huay Ming alias Ada - our new implementation consultant at RapidiOnline. She will be managing and implementing our data integration projects and working with support.

Ada is a graduate of the Tunku Abdul Rahman College and holds a Diploma in Management Accounting, CIMA. User Adoption: Salesforce-MS Dynamics NAV Integration

100% salesforce user adoption

Increase User Adoption by integrating with MS Dynamics NAV

When should you start integrating your systems? Many people think it is best to wait with the integration after they have implemented their systems. But starting with the integration before you actually start using your systems can be of big advantage to your organisation and benefit to user adoption of your new i.e. CRM system. - MS Dynamics AX Data Integration [Ebook]

Salesforce MS Dynamics AX Integration Ebook Cover

Guide: How to connect your with MS Dynamics AX

The RapidiOnline Difference

Delivering Powerful Data Integration Solutions

Think Google, Facebook and iTunes. Now, think data integration. Different worlds, right? Those consumer apps are amazingly easy to use. Just jump in, start clicking and become instantly productive. But traditional data integration is slow and frustrating beyond belief, with huge learning and deployment curves.

RapidiOnline is different. With our pre-built integration setup you can jumpstart your data integration project; they let you get started quickly and cut down the total implementation time dramatically. RapidiOnline changes everything by delivering a ‘consumer app experience’. It’s simple and easy, and puts the business user in total control.


How to Access MS Dynamics NAV | Engagement Process | Salesforce NAV Integration [Newsletter]

RapidiOnline Logo and NewsletterRapidiOnline Newsletter - April Issue 2013

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In this Newsletter:

Engagement Process: How RapidiOnline Engages with You

customer is king

We often get the question how we at RapidiOnline engage with our clients. We have outlined the entire engagement process in the infografic below.

MS Dynamics NAV Integration: How to Access NAV

how to access MS Dynamics NAV 2013

This is an updated version of the blog post MS Dynamics NAV Integration: How to Access NAV from 2011

Salesforce - MS Dynamics NAV Integration [Customer Story: Primagas]

primagaz worker

How to make your data from MS Dynamics NAV visible inside and vice-versa?

Primagas is dedicated to providing propane gas, having 15 years of experience in the market. Primagas belongs to SHV Energy Group, world leader in the distribution of liquefied petroleum gas, propane and butane. The company offers energy efficient solutions for all types of activity. Focus areas include energy consulting, installation and commissioning, the propane gas supply and after-sales service that save and improve energy efficiency.

The company uses RapidiOnline to integrate their with MS Dynamics NAV.

Recently Joan Company, the IT Manager from Primagas Spain, wrote a blog post on their intranet about RapidiOnline and wanted to share with us why and how they use RapidiOnline for integration between and MS Dynamics NAV.

Connecting Salesforce with MS Dynamics NAV

All Business Units at Primagas who have implemented or are planning to implement, face the same challenge:

How can we connect with MS Dynamics NAV? How can we easily show data from MS Dynamics NAV inside and vice-versa?

There are lots of solutions that can synchronize salesforce with MS Dynamics NAV, but unfortunately most of them are very expensive and have high maintenance costs. If you have already implemented some middleware you can take advantage of this software, but if you don't have it in place yet, there is an easy, cheap and fast solution called RapidiOnline. You can find the Dynamics NAV Integration solution on the Appexchange.

Why this solution?

  • This solution is really easy and fast to setup
  • Depending on your needs you can choose the best licensing mode
  • For me the most important thing that really adds value is the support

How RapidiOnline works for Primagas Spain?

We are using RapidiOnline to synchronize:
  • MS Dynamics NAV existing Customer data with Accounts in
    (it can work with recordtypes NAV --> SF)
  • Customers installation data transferred from MS Dynamics NAV to
  • New contracts created in are added to MS Dynamics NAV daily
Allthough you can purchase an advanced license with full access to the application setup interface, as a first step I recommend the standard license. The only thing you have to do is to send an email to the support guys with the field matching and thats all.

All SHV Business Units chose the RapidiOnline Integration Solution.

Joan Company, IT Manager - Primagas Spain

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