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[E-book] Replicator for MS Dynamics NAV: Navision Data Replication

data replication solution for ms dynamics nav

Empower Business Decision Making with the Right Data at the Right Time.

CRM Integration Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Support [Newsletter]

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Newsletter December 2013 Issue

Recap of 2013: Improving our powerful data integration solutions

ms dynamics nav/crm/ax supportFirst and foremost the RapidiOnline Team wants to thank you for another exiting year.

Year 2013 has been in the name of improving our data integration platform.

In this post we will give you a quick run through what we have been working on in the last 12 months and what you can expect for the next year 2014.

Full Support for MS Dynamics NAV 2013

Earlier this year we announced our full support for MS Dynamics NAV 2013 allowing you to integrate your MS Dynamics NAV 2013 with other systems such as Salesforce, other MS Dynamics NAV databases etc.

We support the MS Dynamics NAV Webservices (mostly used for creating e.g. new Customers and SalesOrders) and we have created a new SQL based database interface (mostly used for reading large amounts of data in a very performant way, fully support writing to NAV also).

Full Support for MS Dynamics AX 2012

This Year we have implemented several new solutions integrating MS Dynamics AX 2012 with other systems. We have built support for MS Dynamics AX 2012 including new Standard integration with e.g. Salesforce. 
With our support for MS Dynamics AX AIF web services it is now very easy to achieve complex tasks like creating a new Customer (including address in the Global Address book) or creating a new Sales Order.  In this way you can easily insert and update data in MS Dynamics AX in a consistent way and be sure that all validations are run when data is inserted or updated.

We have also enhanced our support for MS Dynamics AX 2009 by adding AIF Webservices support here.

Making the World a better place: 1% Model

bill gates end polio now

Again this year we take the opportunity to embrace the idea of our 1% model, which is to donate

CRM Integration: Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

support for ms dynamics crm 2013

We are happy to announce that we now have full support for Microsoft's latest MS Dynamics CRM 2013 release. Specially we also support the new Office365 login method for MS Dynamics CRM Online.

Replicator 7.0: New Pricing, New Possibilities

new pricing on replicator 7.0

We are happy to announce a brand new version of the Replicator. The Replicator is traditionally used to replicate data between two or more MS Dynamics NAV databases. A typical use of the Replicator is to replicate data between a central ERP system or database and several decentralised systems. These could for example be servers or databases situated in remote locations, countries, factories or even on boats. Another typical use case is for Retail where each store would have its own server or database for optimal performance and reliability.

New Pricing on RapidiOnline Data Integration Solutions I New Version of The Replicator [Newsletter]

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RapidiOnline Newsletter November 2013 Issue

Simplified Pricing on RapidiOnline Data Integration Solutions

new pricing on salesforce dynamics nav or ax integration solutions

We are pleased to announce our new and simplified pricing on our RapidiOnline data integration solutions. These solutions are mostly used for integrating CRM systems such as Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM with ERP systems like MS Dynamics NAV or MS Dynamics AX. We have greatly simplified pricing going from twelve different prices to just five.

Sales & Channel Director: Keith Marikh

keith marikh - sales and channel director

A very warm welcome to Keith Marikh - our new Sales & Channel Director at RapidiOnline. He will be starting 1. of November and managing RapidiOnline's Sales and Partner Channel.

7 Steps to Successful Salesforce Integration with your ERP System

Salesforce MS Dynamics AX Integration Overview

What are the best practices and usual data integration scenarios when integrating Salesforce with your ERP system such as MS Dynamics?

In this post we would like to outline the common integration points that we see the most when integrating Salesforce with MS Dynamics NAV or MS Dynamics AX.

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