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Software-as-a-Service Myths


For years, organizations of all sizes have suffered the hassles and unexpected costs that accompany deploying and maintaining a variety of traditional software applications that, ironically, were intended to make them more productive. Now a new breed of Web-based services are pushing legacy applications aside and finally giving users the business benefits they’ve been seeking.

A Key-Point-Definition of SaaS


The key to making sense of SaaS is understanding the process of transformation that software goes through once you move it off the customer’s premises and host it on the internet.

What is Data Integration?


So how can the term data integration be defined? Mark Torr from SAS defines it beautifully and to the point in my opinion as

RapidiOnline now Salesforce Certified

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After being review by the The AppExchange Certification Team RapidiOnline now meets important security and quality standards. The AppExchange Certification has made it possible for RapidiOnline to support the Professional Edition of RapidiOnline now complies with all the required Security and Quality standards for On Demand Applications.

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