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Free API Access for Professional Edition

webservice api salesforce professional edition

With RapidiOnline you don't need to buy the web service API access for Professional Edition to integrate your systems

The web service API for is often used to build integrations between and other systems.
The Professional Edition of does not come with access to the web service API. The API is included in the Enterprise Edition, but for the Professional Edition, you have to buy it separately.

RapidiOnline also uses the web service API to integrate with, but as our solution is AppExchange certified by, we have the benefit of being able to access the API on Professional Edition. This means you don't need to buy the API access separately.

If you are considering to buy the API access for or to upgrade to Enterprise Edition, you might consider to use an integration service such as RapidiOnline instead. In this way you get an integration platform with a lot of functionality for the same price (or in some cases even less money) as you would otherwise pay for the API access.

Why consider RapidiOnline's salesforce integration solution?

RapidiOnline comes in different solutions - it can be used as a generic integration tool to build your own integration or you can use one of our standard predefined solutions.

As a generic integration tool we support all the major database systems - like MS-SQL, Oracle, DB/2, MySQL, PostGre SQL among others - and you can quickly build your integration on our web based configuration site. You can easely deploy your integration with our build in scheduler.

However, you get the best value, if you use one of our standard integrations. Here you will get a fully functional predefined integration between your and your ERP system. We even help you install and adapt the solution to your specific needs at a fixed price. We have standard integrations for MS Dynamics NAV and MS Dynamics AX among others.

See how your data resides inside your once it is integrated by viewing our demo on our NAV integration.

Product Updates: Standard Salesforce-NAV | AX Integration

salesforce integrationWe are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of both our - MS Dynamics NAV Integration and also of our - MS Dynamics AX Integration.

The new features are:

  • better and faster handling of transfer of Invoices, Ledger Entries and Sales Orders to (using SFDC UPSERT method and seperating transfer of head and lines).
  • The standard integration is now setup to handle multiple companies in NAV / AX from the start
  • Keeping SalesLines up-to-date in is now fully handled (before individual lines deleted in the ERP would not be deleted in SFDC).
  • For the - MS Dynamics AX Integration, the transfer of Open Sales Orders have been added.
  • A number of smaller corrections have been made.

New customers will automatically have the new version when they signup on RapidiOnline. Existing customers of RapidiOnline should contact RapidiOnline and we can give you an estimate on how much time it will take to upgrade your transfers.
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