MS Dynamics NAV Data Replication: Replicator 4.30 vs. Replicator 5.0

Posted by Beate Thomsen on Mon, Dec 03, 2012

good,better, best, nav replicationReplicator 5.0 is the successor of our popular On Premise Replicator for MS Dynamics NAV 4.30 product, delivered as an on-demand solution. It is standard data integration solution that offers data exchange between two or more MS Dynamics NAV systems. We also support old versions such as Navision Financials, Navision Attain and MBS-Navision.

To make it easier for you to view the differences between the Replicator 5.0 and the On Premise version, we have put together a Replicator 5.0 vs. Replicator for MS Dynamics 4.30 comparison chart that gives you an overview of the features and benefits of both solutions.

The Mayor Benefits of the Replicator 5.0:

  • On Demand Solution with web 2.0 based set-up and configuration
  • Easy to set-up: No need to set-up vpn connection
  • Easy to monitor and maintain: Centralised running and monitoring of the Replicator system
  • Possibility to use NAS Server: Access to run C/AL code (using NAS server)
  • No need to purchase extra NAV objects
  • Extensive formular system to manipulate data on the fly
  • Object Replication - all Objects
The Replicator 5.0 can be used 
  • when the company has departments/companies abroad from where you can not (due to poor access to WAN) or will not (security matter) let the employees work directly on the headquarters system
  • when the company has intercompany trade based on several accounts or MS Dynamics NAV databases
  • in retail solutions where each store has its own MS Dynamics NAV installation
  • when the company has salesmen with a local copy of the MS Dynamics NAV database on their laptops

Compare the Replicator 4.30 with Replicator 5.0 

Download Replicator 5.0 Brochure

Download free Info kit on MS Dynamcis NAv Replication

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