Don’t gamble with your data

Posted by Henning Lund on Thu, Jul 13, 2017

Data is a company asset, just like people, time and money. You shouldn't be gambling with your data or you might risk losing it. Instead, you should invest in improving your data quality and in fueling this data in your sales process – because this will increase customer satisfaction, improve your reporting capabilities for better decision-making, and eventually it will boost your revenue.


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Can data integration be as simple as folding a paper airplane? (Video)

Posted by Henning Lund on Wed, Jul 05, 2017

Many people believe data integration is complicated, some even think that a data integration project can be disruptive and risky for their business. But data integration does not have to be complex. This is exactly why we have created RapidiOnline as a product that is three-fold in its simplicity; in design, installation and use. Installation is easy. No programming or further development is required even if you want to extend the product’s usability parameters.

With RapidiOnline, we offer stress-free data integration – simple, flexible and secure. Easier said than done? Well, let me show you in a short video how you can easily create transfers between your systems – as many as you want with as many fields as you need – in just a few clicks.

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All you ever wanted to know about Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics integration

Posted by Henning Lund on Thu, Jun 29, 2017

Can data integration really help you optimize processes between your Salesforce and your Microsoft Dynamics? Which processes? Can it get you a step closer to your customers and help you reach your sales goals? Can’t you successfully operate with stand-alone, isolated systems?

How much does your business risk to be disrupted by a data integration project? How do you get started? How do you prioritize which data to transfer? What are the most common integration points between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics? What are others doing?

Is a data integration platform the best way to go or should you develop our own custom solution? Does data integration put your data at risk? Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 making data integration platforms obsolete?

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