3 easy steps to plan your data integration project

Posted by Henning Lund on Thu, Aug 18, 2016

What is data integration?

In reality, data integration is just another word for integrating systems. The main task of data integration is to secure a flow of data between different systems (for example an ERP system and a CRM system), each system dealing with the data with whatever business logic that is built into them. Very often, data integration transfers operational data from one system to the other, for example: Customers, Contacts, Items, Quotes, Orders, Invoices or Sales history.

But the scope of data integration can also include other types of data, for example either traditional master data (such as posting groups and other metadata that secure a consistent system setup and reporting) or it can basically be any table or field that you choose to map between the different systems. In reality, there are no limits to which data that can be relevant for data integration, it only depends on your system landscape and the business processes you are following.

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Top challenges of data integration projects

Posted by Henning Lund on Thu, Aug 11, 2016

Collecting, integrating and analyzing data can give enterprises the full picture of business performance, trends and the visibility they need to understand business patterns and take corrective actions. However, the relevant data does not always make it to the mission critical systems that need and require it. In most companies, systems are implemented to collect data, for example CRM systems gather customer and sales information while ERP system have a stronger focus on accounting and financial information. Without integration between these quite complementary systems, companies only create silos of information and the data collected does not add much value. It is vital for companies using several systems to ensure that data makes it to where it needs to be and that data can be represented, changed or transformed as business requires it.

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How never to lose a prospect: the promise of lead nurturing

Posted by Henning Lund on Thu, Aug 04, 2016

Have you ever felt that you do not get enough out of the pipeline your marketing activities generate? Know the feeling? Some time ago, I had a look into our Salesforce and started to analyze what goes wrong, where and how it can be improved. I quickly identified some areas of interest that can be easily solved with the right effort. This blog is about how to get the most out of your lead generation effort.

Are the leads delivered by your marketing ever good enough?

Before getting into the topic itself, I’d like to have a look at a closely related subject: the fact that the leads generated by marketing are rarely fully appreciated by sales. In my experience, often the term “Lead” is generating dissonance in an organization. You can adopt different sales methodologies but at the end of the day a lead only has a value if it has a chance to become a customer. To make sure you get the most out of your lead generation efforts, you have to be efficient around your lead development process. This is about assigning the right lead to the right resource in your organization at the right time, with the right prerequisites and expectations.

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