Boost your sales: become data-driven to be truly customer-centric

Posted by Henning Lund on Fri, Oct 13, 2017

There is always a strong focus in IT implementations towards providing management with better information, giving them a better overview to make better decisions. But let’s not forget about the people in the front line – those who do sales and take care of customer service.

Even though management teams do need the best tools to provide them with the most accurate data to take the business forward, most of the decisions that matter to your customers are not made by management. They are made by customer-facing people.

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Data replication: 10 things you should be looking for

Posted by Henning Lund on Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Your company needs access to the right data at the right time to make the right decisions, provide the best service and remain competitive. Replicating data between your distributed systems can gives you the central overview of your business you need to make more informed decisions.

Data replication may sound like something confusing or complicated. It does not have to be. It can be simple and stress-free. At Rapidi, we built our first Replicator back in the 1990’s and since then we have extended and redesigned the solution’s technology to be as fast, flexible, robust and secure as possible. Through much research and trial and error, we have collected best practices and collected a number of key components in a great data replication solution.

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Make Salesforce even more clever

Posted by Henning Lund on Wed, Sep 13, 2017

Salesforce is an excellent system. However it does not support all of your company’s functions. You are perhaps using an ERP system (for example Microsoft Dynamics) in parallel to Salesforce to take care of your accounting, your inventory or your fulfilment. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to bring this information into Salesforce, to get everyting at one place?

Think about it. Having access to this data brings additional value to your organization. Users are more motivated to work with their Salesforce system as it contains all the information they need. The use of Salesforce should not be limited to keying in information and tracking activities.

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