System integration can boost ROI!

Posted by Henning Lund on Wed, Sep 28, 2016

I have talked a lot in past blogs about the great benefits experienced by companies integrating their CRM and ERP systems. Allow me to mention a few:

  • You get a 360 degree view of your customers, allowing you to build lasting relationships and provide with top class customer service.
  • You gain efficiency by giving you instant access to business critical information.
  • You get rid of time-consuming and error-prone manual routines.
  • It secures a much higher user adoption, because when your systems are integrated, users will always find the data they need to perform their daily tasks.

You can also read more about CRM-ERP system integration benefits here.

It is a general rule that companies benefit more from an integrated CRM-ERP solution than two stand-alone ERP and CRM systems. In fact, this rule also applies to any other systems you decide to integrate in order to streamline and optimize your business processes.

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How can you drive more value out of Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Posted by Henning Lund on Wed, Sep 21, 2016

Let it be said. I’m a sales process addict. I don’t believe that sales is random. In my mind, the logic behind the sales success formula is quite simple, if you know what your client really wants and what your competitors offer, then you just need to align with that and the closing is not random any more. I normally say to the sales clerks: “you can’t change your luck, but you can limit your misfortune!” How? This is what you need to do:

  1. Give your client the best offer and they will choose you (assuming that they like and trust you)
  2. Make sure you fully understand the customer requirements and have a solution to their needs – you will then be able to give them the best offer
  3. Know your competitors well so that you are sure to give them the most attractive offer

This leads to the next question, “where do I find such information in salesforce, and what sales history information am I likely to benefit from in my sales process?” Let’s have a look at the system.

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Get the full benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning

Posted by Henning Lund on Tue, Sep 13, 2016

You have probably already heard about Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning and know that it is designed around the way you want to sell, and put data where you need it. But did you know that you can experience a lot of new benefits by combining this new user experience with a data integration tool such as RapidiOnline and thereby bringing data from other complementary system into Salesforce?

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