Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX, Salesforce and Publit


Integrate systems and streamline business-critical working processes

From the introduction of desktop publishing, to the apparition of e-books and the emergence of Amazon, the book publishing industry has dealt with numerous disruptions over the past decades. Berling Media AB (Berling Media), a publishing company based in Stockholm, Sweden has understood how to use technology to adapt and be successful in an ever-changing market.
To adapt to the behavior and needs of modern reader in a market untder strong digitalization, Berling Media developed new oline strategies - among others a ptint-on-demand service. They integrated Microsoft Dynamics AX, Salesforce and Publit for a full automation of the lead to order to print to invoice process.

Key Challenges

  • manual keying of Publit information in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • access to up-to-date data anywhere at anytime
  • overview of business
  • competitiveness
  • manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes


  • strong integration platform, simple and robust solution that will support Berling Media's online strategy and growth
  • responsiveness and a high service level
  • on time and within budget
  • affordable
  • very knowledgeable team of experts


“Print on demand is becoming a larger part of our business, and I expect it to keep developing this way. Having this reliable integration platform allows us to get the full benefit of our investment in the Publit solution, by extending the automation of our business processes to include this process as well” .
Bertil Palmqvist, Berling Media


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