Trucks and Mobile Data Transfer

For more than 25 years the Danish company GM-ITM A/S in Horsens has transported furniture all over Europe with such success that the company is now acknowledged as one of the largest and best suppliers within this area. The total number of GM-ITM trucks amounts to around 100 and IT plays a core role in the daily operation of the company.

At GM-ITM, Data Backbone Software serves a number of different purposes:

Automatic data transfer between handheld palm computers and central Navision server

When trucks arrive at the terminal, handheld palm computers are applied for barcode reading of the incoming goods. As soon as the palm computers are placed in their docking stations, Data Backbone Software automatically transfers the data to the central Navision system for further processing. Furthermore loading jobs are downloaded to the handheld palm computers including information of the position and barcodes of the outgoing goods.

Exchange of shipping details and release of shipment confirmation with central Danish Customs

Prior to the departure of a truck, an official release confirmation for the shipment must be obtained from the customs authorities. Data Backbone Software is applied for the exchange of shipping details and receiving release confirmations with the customs clearance facility using XML and FTP. This allows GM-ITM to modify the loading of the trucks just before departure. This saves time and in this process time is money.

Synchronization of vital sales and marketing data

Customer master data and pricing schemes are exchanged between the central Navision system and their Lotus Notes system used by the sales and marketing staff of GM-ITM.

Web-based interface to Track & Trace system

To provide clients with on-line access to the GM-ITM Track & Trace system, the Data Backbone web access (before: Java Server) and IBM WebSphere® technology provide a web-based interface allowing clients to look up detailed information about the status of their shipments at any time. The data presented is actual real-time information from the central Navision system.

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