Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and C5

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Improved Sales Process & Work Routines

RapidiOnline’s Data Integration Solution for MS Dynamics C5 and MS Dynamics CRM transfers over 1000 invoices daily between the Inter-Data’s ERP and CRM systems, improving business processes and sales routines throughout the organization.

The Results

Improved sales process and work routines: As the sales process is handled in both C5 and CRM it is vital that the data is up-to-date and current in both systems. Rapidionline synchronizes the data and ensures that the data is current and up-to-date in both systems. This saves Inter-Data a lot of time and liberates valuable resources as duplicated data entry is avoided and as you don’t have to switch between the systems while working.

Improved customer service: For the sales person it is now very easy to get an overview over the total and detailed sales to each customer. This ensures that the sales person can give the customer the best service each time. This again gives Inter-Data a competitive advantage.

RapidiOnline is the perfect data integration platform for us as a partner, as it covers all our needs and requirements in one tool. We don’t have to educate ourselves in various tools in order to serve the different needs of our clients.
RapidiOnline is very flexible and covers data integration to many different systems, but is especially strong when integrating to the Microsoft Dynamics Product Suite.

Morten Gad, Technical Consultant at C2 Relations

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