Data Integration between Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Webshop

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Valuable Data Throughout the Company

RapidiOnline's Data Integration Solution between Salesforce CRM and MS Dynamics NAV keeps customers, products, invoices and credit notes up-to-date between Milestone Systems's CRM and ERP system, improving business processes and sales routines throughout the organization.

Since mid 2008 Milestone Systems have been using their new online CRM system Salesforce. As Milestone Systems is using MS Dynamics NAV as their ERP system, they needed to integrate those two systems. After recommendations by, Milestone Systems chose RapidiOnline's data integration solution to help quickly and efficiently transfer the organization's data between their Salesforce and MS Dynamics NAV in order to have accurate and consistent data available through-out their whole organization.

The Result

Improved work routines: Linking the two systems together saves Milestone Systems a lot of time and liberates valuable resources as there are fewer manual work processes and they can avoid typing in the same data several times to ensure accurate data in each system.

Valuable data available throughout the company: It is now possible for Milestone Systems's sales executives to get an up-to-date overview over the total and detailed sales to each customer. All the necessary data is directly available in Salesforce.

Having been able to integrate MS Dynamics NAV and Salesforce all the information needed is now visible to all our account executives. This makes it easier for our sales people to get an overview of the sales and make statistics without having to switch to other systems. This translates into better customer and partner relationships and in the end – more sales!

Peter Grandt, Online Manager at Milestone Systems A/S