Integrating and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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RapidiOnline’s Data Integration Solution and MS Dynamics NAV keeps customers, products, pricelists, orders and opportunities up-to-date between Netop’s CRM and ERP system, improving business processes and sales routines throughout the organization.

Executive Summary

In midt 2008 Netop was rolling out their new online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system through-out their whole organization. Through the suggestion of, Netop chose RapidiOnline’s data integration solution to help quickly and efficiently transfer the organization’s data between and MS Dynamics NAV and to keep the data consistent.


There have been several tangible benefits as a result of the implementation of the RapidiOnline.

The implementation of the RapidiOnline went very smooth and we were up and running within short time. RapidiOnline as a link between our CRM + ERP systems resulted in more efficient work routines and a total overview of our customers and partners for our sales people. Furthermore it liberated valuable resources as we could avoid duplicated data entry. All this saves us both time and money.

Allan Iskov, Business Process Developer at Netop A/S

Improved work routines

Linking the two systems together saved NetOp a lot of time and liberates valuable resources as there are fewer manual work processes and they can avoid typing in the same data several times to ensure accurate data in each system.

Improved decision making

Netop's sales people now have updated sales figures available right at their fingertips which makes it easier for them to make decisions about each customer.

Sales information is finally at the company’s fingertips, thanks in large part to RapidiOnline. We have efficient, accurate and well-organized account information that translates into better decision making.

Allan Iskov, Business Process Manager at Netop A/S

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