- Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration

readsoft salesforce ms dynamics ax integration

Understanding our Needs & Business Processes

Business Needs:

  • Link between and MS Dynamics AX
  • Stable Integration that is easy to use and maintain
  • Data Availability across the entire organisation
  • Simple and fast implementation of integration
  • In-dept knowledge and expertise in MS Dynamics AX integration
  • Up-to-date and accurate information available across the organisation
  • Flexible integration that supports a growing Business


  • Account/Customer two-way Integration
  • Up-to-date Products & Solutions available in SFDC
  • All Pricelists automatically updated in SFDC
  • Opportunities in SFDC as Quotes into MS Dynamics AX 
  • Open Sales Orders transferred & kept up-to-date in SFDC
  • Sales History and Payment History inside SFDC


  • ReadSoft can now market, respond and up-sell more effectively to their customers and partners due to having up-to-date information available across the entire organisation
  • More streamlined business processes because of more automated information flow
  • Critical business data is now always available, 
  • accurate and up-to-date
  • Saving time because of more efficient work routines
  • Ability to more informed decision making due to data transparency 
  • Time & Ressources saved with an integration that is easy to use and low in maintenance costs
  • Access to superior Salesforce to MS Dynamics AX Integration Expertise through the RapidiOnline Team

Download Customer Story

Download and read the full story on how ReadSoft uses RapidiOnline to make their working life easier.