What customers and partners say...

per ericWith RapidiOnline we have seamlessly integrated our three primary systems, and through that also our three divisions. The outcome is efficiency through increased information availability and better communication both internally and externally.

I can indeed recommend RapidiOnline, both the technology and the people behind it.

Per Eric Johansen, Managing Director at InLead (former Numara Software Nordic)

peter grandtWe chose RapidiOnline because of their large experience with data integration and MS Dynamics NAV. We looked at other data integration solutions for Salesforce, but these people don’t have nearly the same experience or the same deep support for integration to MS Dynamics NAV as RapidiOnline.

Peter Grandt, Online Manager at Milestone Systems A/S

zulekha haywoodRapidiOnline is very easy to use. It is a very flexible solution that can easily be extended to our specific integration needs. Working with the configuration interface has made is easier to gain access to the needed data quickly without having to involve an IT consultant. RapidiOnline supports our vision of a fully integrated business.

Zulekha Haywood, Revenue Forecast Manager at IMAN Cosmetics

IMAN is a hands-on, fast paced organization. By using RapidiOnline, we gained the ability to manage our data ourselves, instead of having a third party consultant involved, which used to slow down our business routines. With RapidiOnline, we now have full control over our data and we have the flexibility we need.

Kimberly Johnson, Finance Manager at IMAN Cosmetics

As Inter-Data has a lot of data that needs to be transferred, it makes the integration solution very complex, but working with RapidiOnline we are able to handle everything in a very flexible way. We – as a partner – have access to the configuration interface and there we are able to determine and set-up ourselves all the needed transfers. Furthermore we can decide when, how and how often it should run. That gives us the freedom and the flexibility that we need.

Morten Gad, Technical Consultant at C2 Relations

Salesforce should thank RapidiOnline for making it clear for prospecting salesforce.com customers, that salesforce.com is the right CRM system. I wouldn’t have become a salesforce.com customer without RapidiOnline.

Sacha Rose, Managing Director at Derek Rose Ltd.

christian tyrrestrupSimple and Powerful - Using RapidiOnline has made it much easier to get started with the data integration. It has a user-friendly interface and you are up and running in no time. RapidiOnline makes it so easy to replicate data to the Navision database. Nice people to work with too, they provide excellent support. I highly recommend this application!

Christian Tyrrestrup, Consultant

It’s amazing how quickly I was up and running with the integration and already seeing clear results for my business processes.

Sacha Rose, Managing Director at Derek Rose Ltd.

It was very impressive to see the data transfer 'just like that'. By using RapidiOnline we are able to instantly access the information we need.

Kimberly Johnson, Finance Manager at IMAN Cosmetics

RapidiOnline helps us to have all our key business data updated inside salesforce.com. Then using salesforce.com to get mobile access to all our data turned out to be the most cost-effective mobile solution.

Sacha Rose, Managing Director at Derek Rose

claus diedrichsenAs an integration consulting partner we are constantly forced to design, build and deliver integration solutions to our customers, often with timeframe and budget in mind. We chose RapidiOnline as our data integration partner because their tool is powerful and flexible. We can use this tool to quickly deliver and deploy our clients’ integration requirements within budget.

Claus Diedrichsen, CEO at C2 Relations

It’s easier and quicker to develop in Salesforce.com with RapidiOnline than in NAV, which makes everything also more economical.

Sacha Rose, Managing Director at Derek Rose Ltd.