Expand Revenue Opportunities As a RapidiOnline Partner

RapidiOnline is the premium provider of Enterprise Integration Solutions for the Salesforce.com & MS Dynamics ERP environments. Over the last 20 years, we have delivered our solutions to a broad spectrum of customers across the globe, in conjunction with a strategic network of key RapidiOnline Partners.

More than 100 RapidiOnline Partner organizations worldwide, service customers in diverse markets and industries. Partners are enabled to extend their product footprint through the sale and delivery of the RapidiOnline Integration & Replication Solutions. Whether you choose to engage as a Reseller / Referral PartnerBusiness Partner or a OEM Partner, there is a flexible program, plan and growth path for your company.

RapidiOnline Partners experience generous revenue share plans, co-op marketing campaigns, a dedicated solution portal, comprehensive product training and support.  Learn more about the RapidiOnline Partner Program:

  • Resellers / Referral Partners – Joint marketing & sales opportunity management; revenue share on Year 1 license subscriptions.

  • Business Partners – RapidiPartner takes ownership of the sales & marketing efforts, manages project implementations; revenue share on Year 1 – Year N on annual license subscriptions, services revenue stream from implementation projects.

  • OEM Partners – Industry specific opportunity for B2B and B2C software organizations to offer RapidiOnline software and services as an integrated, privately branded component of the total solution.

For additional details on which RapidiPartner tier is right for your organisation, please contact us


Direct Contacts:

North America:  John McCabe at +1 (949) 391-5031

EMEA, Asia Pacific: Keith Marikh at +45 7384 8555 


Why Partner with RapidiOnline?

morten gadRapidiOnline is the perfect data integration platform for us as a partner, as it covers all our needs and requirements in one tool. We don’t have to educate ourselves in various tools in order to serve the different needs of our clients. RapidiOnline is very flexible and covers data integration to many different systems, but is especially strong when integrating to the Microsoft Dynamics Product Suite.

Morten Gad, Technical Consultant at C2 Relations


Benefits of the RapidiOnline Partner Program

  • Increase Sales Opportunity Footprint:
    • Net-new sales campaigns (Salesforce.com / MS Dynamics ERP - NAV, AX, GP, C5)
    • Installed base customer opportunity mining & add-on revenue
  • Increase Revenue
    • Subscription Revenue Share (year 1- Year N)
    • Subscription Renewal Revenue Share
    • Consulting, Professional Services & Project Management
  • Leverage the RapidiOnline Domain Expertise in Integration & Replication: Single Business Solution across all supported platforms
  • Competitive Advantage in Strategically Targeted Deals
  • Reference & Customer Base of 500+, Across All Global Regions


Apply to Become a Partner

Contact RapidiOnline for additional details on the RapidiPartner Program:

North America: John McCabe at +1 (949) 391-5031

EMEA, Asia Pacific: Keith Marikh at +45 7384 8555