RapidiOnline Business Partner Program

Similar to the Reseller / Referral tier, the Business Partner gains additional benefits:

  • RapidiOnline Business PartnersEarned License Revenue – On-going: At the Business Partner level, we offer Resellers a % of the Annual Subscription for the first year of the contract.  For subsequent years of the license agreement, the Business Partner continues to receive a % revenue split, for as long as the Customer is under subscription.  This provides the Business Partners with a consistent annuity stream from their installed base of joint RapidiOnline customers.

  • Sales Opportunity Support: RapidiOnline Business Partners will have gained the appropriate product training and expertise, in order to drive the sales process and opportunity from pre-sales efforts through closure.  Typically, the RapidiOnline sales team will work in a guidance capacity and provide additional support on an ad-hoc basis (i.e., product demonstrations, reference management, pricing management, etc.). 

  • Project Implementation * 1st Level Customer Support: In addition to the annual subscription revenue stream, RapidiOnline Business Partners will take ownership of project implementation, consulting, project management, professional services and first-line customer support.

  • Co-Marketing & Event Sponsorship:  On an annual basis, the RapidiOnline marketing team will jointly develop a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) with the Business Partner, to include trade Shows, marketing campaign targets (Vertical, SMB, Geographic, etc.), events (Webinars, Briefings, etc.) and co-branded literature & collateral.

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