RapidiOnline Resellers / Referral Partner Program

Resellers / Referral Partners - The Reseller / Referral partner level is the entry point to the RapidiOnline Partner Program and the simplest way to get started. At this level, Reseller / Referral Partners achieve:

  • resellersEarned License Revenue: RapidiOnline is a subscription-based SaaS solution; at this level, we offer Resellers a % of the Annual Subscription for the first year of the contract.

  • A Joint Sales Opportunity Approach: The RapidiOnline direct sales team will work jointly with the Reseller Partner and will provide complete Sales / Pre-sales support in the engagement (i.e., product demonstrations, reference management, pricing management, etc.).

  • On-going Customer Support: RapidiOnline will manage the Customer’s project implementation and on-going technical support, to allow the RapidiOnline Partner to focus on future sales opportunities and customer engagements.

  • Co-Marketing & Event Sponsorship:  RapidiOnline solutions are an excellent tool to package with the existing partner products & services, to generate marketing campaigns and showcase the complete solution to Vertical Markets, Industry Specific Trades Shows, etc.

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