Replicator 4.30 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Connect multiple Microsoft Dynamics NAV Databases

Replicator 4.30 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to connect two or more Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases. It is the former on-premise version of the latest Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution.

Features and Benefits

  • easy data exchange between the Navision databases in your company
  • prevent duplicated data entry and potential errors
  • better control of data and faster information across systems, because of updated data
  • avoid file import and export - transfer your data directly
  • synchronise data with maximum speed
  • improvement of your business processes
  • short implementation process
  • liberating valuable resources
  • saves you time and money

Replicator is a modular and well tested product which replicates data across Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases independent of Microsoft Dynamics NAV version and whether the company uses Microsoft Dynamics NAVs own (native) database or MS-SQL.

Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used...

  • when the company has departments/companies abroad from where you can not (poor access to WAN) or will not (security matter) let the employees work directly on the headquarters system
  • when the company has intercompany trade based on several accounts/ Microsoft Dynamics NAV bases
  • in retail solutions where each store has its own installation with connection to the headquarter
  • when the company has salesmen with a local copy of the database on their laptops
  • when the company wants on-line back-up (server mirror) with the possibility to change between the servers
  • when the company experience performance problems in its installation and wants to split the installation (distributed solutions)

If the situation of your company is not mentioned you can contact one of our partners or us directly for a dialog about your possibilities.