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100 complementary RapidiOnline implementations to companies suffering from Covid-19

Not all Covid-19 challenges are solved by isolation and better hygiene. Many companies are suffering from the downturn in the economy and the global uncertainty threatens to drag the world into a major economic crisis. Companies are facing challenges to rethink their business, to gain efficiency and to boost collaboration.

To help companies get back into business, Rapidi offers 100 complimentary implementation packages during the period April 20th, 2020 - June 20th, 2020 to implement a complete quote-to-cash integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP (365 Business Central, NAV, GP, AX and 365 for Finance & Operations) based on the RapidiOnline integration templates.

Each implementation represents a value up to €7,500 / $8,500 each, meaning that we are willing to invest our time up to €750,000 / $850,000 to help organizations like yours get back on track. All you must pay for is the yearly RapidiOnline subscription which is typically in the price range of €6,480 / $7,200 yearly (RapidiOnline Essentials edition) which also includes post go-live support, so we’ve got you covered.

Complimentary RapidiOnline implementation will be offered to the first 100 companies that apply following the rules and conditions described in this page. 

Applying for a complimentary implementation is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Write a simple 1-pager describing how Covid-19 has had a negative impact on your business and how a data integration between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics ERP will help you get back on track.

  2. Send it to us as a Word Document or a PDF file by using the form on the right hand-side no later than May 20th, 2020.

  3. We will contact you if you have been selected for a complimentary RapidiOnline implementation.  

What is included in the complimentary package?

With a quote-to-cash integration your accounts/customers and contacts can be synchronized bi-directionally. Products, basic pricing, Sales History and Customer Payment History are typically a one-way synchronization from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce. The integration also includes the possibility to convert a customer-approved opportunity with a quote in Salesforce to e.g. an Open Sales Order in Microsoft Dynamics to eliminate double data entries and to automate your process.

How will your business benefit?

Obviously, a quote-to-cash integration eliminates the time spent on double data entries and increases data quality dramatically. Good data quality enables your teams to collaborate and help each other provide a better customer experience. By synchronizing data between the systems you can not only eliminate the need to switch between the systems you can in many cases also reduce the need for double licensing because some users no longer need to have access to both systems. By bringing in Sales- and payment history you have a complete customer overview in Salesforce and it can enable your organization to sell more and sell faster. With an integration between your systems, you have data to provide more informative management reporting about sales performance, pipeline and forecasting. Since the data integration is running automatically it can easily scale with your business. All to the greater good of your company and your customers.


Not included in this package: Microsoft Dynamics development/configuration/administration, Salesforce development/configuration/administration, Network/database security, test data generation, data cleansing/scrubbing.


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