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"Our teams are no longer struggling to get the data they need"

Thomas Eiglsperger, idem telematics

It is not novel that trucks and trailers monitor their own performanceand sometimes report it in real time, but if they are outfitted with hardware and software from idem telematics they are not just joined physically by the fifth wheel, but are working as a single, fully integrated network of hardware and software.

According to Thomas Eiglsperger, responsible for internal and international sales at idem telematics, “We wanted to improve our sales process, both to fleet operators and to the manufacturers of rigs, but were hampered by the data silos within our company. We started looking for a way to integrate our sales data in Salesforce with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and eventually found RapidiOnline.”

Read the full story and learn how this international business:

  • Improved work routines with linked systems

  • Reduced manual processes and data error

  • Has empowered its teams with access to data updated in real-time


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