“Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it.”
— Carrie Underwood

1-1-1 Model at Rapidi

For many years, Rapidi has adopted the 1-1-1 Model, also known as the 1% Pledge. Salesforce is a pioneering example of the 1% Pledge, having implemented this model from its early days. The company's commitment to donating 1% of its product, equity, and employee time has inspired Rapidi and numerous other businesses to follow suit.

The "1% Pledge" is a corporate philanthropy movement that encourages companies to commit 1% of their equity, product, profit, and employee time to charitable causes and community initiatives. This movement is based on a simple yet powerful idea: by dedicating a small portion of their resources, companies can make a significant impact on society.

Key Features

  • Inclusivity: The pledge is not limited to large corporations; businesses of all sizes can participate.
  • Flexibility: Companies can choose which components of the pledge to adopt based on their capacity and business model.
  • Long-Term Commitment: The pledge is meant to be a long-term commitment, integrating social responsibility into the company’s core values.
  • Community Impact: The cumulative effect of many companies taking the pledge can lead to significant societal and community benefits.

1-1-1 Model: Equity, Product, Profit, Employee Time

“One of the big myths about philanthropy is that it's all about donating funds for a cause. I like to look at it quite differently. Philanthropy is about 'giving' - not just in monetary terms but also in non-monetary aspects, like time, ideas, or being a volunteer. Donating money is just a small part of philanthropy.”


1. Equity

  • Commitment: Companies have committed to pledge 1% of their equity is dedicated to charitable organisations or causes.
  • At Rapidi many employees are also members of Rotary International and donate their time to volunteer projects. More in line with what Rapidi also provides, we have developed an event management system called Rotary-Event, which we give free for major Rotary events and fundraising projects. Read more on www.rotary-event.org
  • Impact: As our company grows, so does our equity value set aside, potentially resulting in a substantial charitable contribution from our side.

2. Product

  • Donation of Products or Services: Businesses commit to donating 1% of their product or services to nonprofits, educational institutions, or other community organisations. 
  • At Rapidi we have a policy that we donate up to 50% of our products and services to non-profit organisations. 
  • Benefit: In this way, we can help organisations that might not otherwise have access to our products or services.

3. Profit

  • Financial Contribution: Companies pledge to donate 1% of their profits to charitable causes.
  • Flexibility: This can be in the form of cash donations, or it might involve supporting community projects or initiatives.
  • At Rapidi we donate to different projects and charities. In particular, we are keen on supporting different environmental projects such as tropical tree planting projects across the globe to promote tree restoration and local economy in order to fight poverty and climate change. This year and the years to come Rapidi has decided to support a large tree-building and restoration program in Africa through an NGO called Global Sustainable Gardens.
    Global Sustainable Gardens is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment. Their team works in partnership with local communities and organizations to create sustainable gardens in Africa. They have developed a large tree building and restoration program that is designed to restore degraded landscapes, improve air quality, reduce soil erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife. 

4. Employee Time

  • Volunteering: Companies encourage and enable their employees to dedicate 1% of their working hours to volunteer work.
  • Engagement: This not only benefits the community but can also enhance our employees satisfaction and team cohesion.
  • At Rapidi we encourage our employees to dedicate 1% of their time to volunteering work free of their choice. As mentioned, we donate a huge part of our time to projects within for example Rotary International.


The 1% Pledge is more than a philanthropic initiative; it's a movement that redefines the role of business in society. It encourages companies to view success not just in financial terms but also in terms of their positive impact on the world. By committing a fraction of their resources to social causes, businesses participating in the 1% Pledge demonstrate that corporate success and social welfare can go hand in hand.

Read more about Environmental Sustainability and the Projects we support.