“Sustainability is a political choice, not a technical one. It’s not a question of whether we can be sustainable, but whether we choose to be.”
— Gary Lawrence

Sustainability AT RAPIDI

The effects of climate change are clear and there is no planet B. We need to take action now to save the Earth's population.

“Global warming will not end by Earth finding shade under the trees
but under our hands joined together.”

– Agona Apell

Sustainability has emerged as a critical consideration for businesses in the 21st century, driven by a growing awareness of environmental challenges, resource limitations, and societal expectations. At its core, sustainability in business refers to the practices that ensure long-term viability, economic success, and ethical responsibility in relation to the environment, society, and governance.

Sustainability is no longer an optional luxury but a fundamental aspect of modern business strategy. It is essential for businesses to recognize the importance of sustainability and integrate it into their operations, not just as a moral imperative but as a smart business practice. This approach ensures a better future for the planet while also securing the long-term success and resilience of the business itself.

Rapidi's Sustainability Business Practices and Operations

At Rapidi, we are committed to making a positive impact through sustainable business practices that guide every action we take.

Our goal is to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts, including tree conservation and restoration, ocean protection, and supporting eco-preneurs. Additionally, we aim to inspire other organizations and contribute towards a more sustainable future.

We commit to strive for net zero residual emissions and believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Rapidi, a forward-thinking network company, is at the forefront of integrating sustainability into its business model, particularly in the realm of minimizing carbon emissions. Embracing the ethos of environmental responsibility, Rapidi has innovatively tailored its operations and work culture to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Remote working model:

reducing emissions associated with daily commuting

Rapidi has for many years now adopted a remote working model as a core initiative, allowing all employees to work from home. This approach not only enhances work-life balance and flexibility but crucially reduces emissions associated with daily commuting. By eliminating the need for a daily office commute, Rapidi effectively cuts down on one of the most significant sources of carbon emissions for businesses.

Online meetings: Zero Travel

In line with this, Rapidi has also redefined its approach to business meetings and interactions. Recognizing the carbon costs associated with travel, the company keeps business travel to an absolute minimum, opting instead for online meetings. This digital-first strategy in conducting meetings not only saves time and resources but also aligns with Rapidi's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.


Furthermore, Rapidi has made a deliberate and conscious choice when it comes to selecting its hosting center. By partnering with a hosting center that is fully committed to achieving net-zero emissions, Rapidi guarantees that its digital infrastructure aligns perfectly with its sustainability objectives. This strategic decision exemplifies Rapidi's profound understanding of the wider environmental impact of digital operations and its unwavering dedication to reducing indirect carbon emissions associated with data storage and processing.

At Rapidi, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, and we are dedicated to achieving our goal of becoming a zero-carbon business in the near future. This is a mission that we take extremely seriously, and it was a crucial factor in our decision-making process when selecting a hosting provider.

Amazon was a good choice for us as we strive to become a more sustainable business. Amazon Web Services has made a commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. In line with this goal, AWS is actively transitioning to rely solely on 100% renewable energy by 2025. To accomplish this, AWS partners with wind and solar projects to source renewable power, contributing to a cleaner and greener energy grid.

Our two locations for Hosting Rapidi Service are already carbon-neutral: 
As a hosting provider, we have selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) due to its numerous advantages. Our criteria for selecting a new hosting provider encompassed various factors. For instance, the capability to provide hosting in both the US and EU with automatic failover in each region, to operate on a carbon-neutral platform, to offer all of this cost-effectively and efficiently, and to have the ability to scale easily. Amazon Web Services met all of these criteria.

AWS states that the two hosting regions that Rapidi has chosen are already carbon-neutral.

Last but not least, with our new hosting environment we expect to be able to reduce our processing power requirement by up to a factor of 3 compared to the old setup, which also helps to reduce the overall energy usage and be more sustainable.