Rapidi Replicator
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SYNC data across multiple Microsoft databases

Rapidi Replicator offers on-demand SaaS data replication solutions, enabling seamless synchronization across multiple Microsoft databases. Our cost-effective solutions are simple to set up and use, allowing your teams to access up-to-date, faultless data securely, even over low bandwidth or through periods of downtime.

Our cloud-hosted data replication technology works with all Microsoft Dynamics systems and can be customized to fit your business needs. Data exchange can be managed centrally and monitored from anywhere at any time, either as a solely web-based service or as a hybrid service, with data stored and replicated locally but configured online.

With no further purchase of Microsoft Dynamics items necessary, Rapidi Replicator is fully scalable. It will replicate data between a few databases or several hundred with the same reliable results, empowering multi-locational teams with the accurate information they need to maximize productivity.

“Implementation of Rapidi Replicator resulted in more efficient work routines and better overview about our business. It liberated valuable resources as we could avoid duplicated data entry. This saves both time and money. We could just continue concentrating on our core business.”

Lars Ruben Hansen, IT Executive, Rema 1000

Rapidi Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics AX

This Rapidi Replicator solution is designed to help businesses manage their data across multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX databases, whether they are deployed locally or spread out across many international locations.

Wherever your teams are based – in scattered factories, salesrooms or even on ocean liners – they can see, use, and update the data stored on your central ERP database. This universal data access eliminates issues caused by data errors, allowing everyone in your organization to make better-informed decisions and work in a more efficient and effective way.

Rapidi Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics AX can be tailored to fit your business needs exactly. Whether you are a hotel chain or a non-profit organization, if you are using multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX databases, Rapidi Replicator can help you improve overall operational efficiency. 

Our on-demand service model makes this simple solution fully scalable and cost-effective, wherever you are on your growth trajectory.



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100% Integration
100% Integration

All teams can access the data in your ERP from anywhere

Cloud Solution
Cloud, Solution

No extra purchase of AX objects necessary. Replicator is all you need.

Plug and play
Plug and Play

No VPN connection needed. Installation is quick and easy

total support
Total Support

Our support model keeps your systems secure and up-to-date

Rapidi Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This highly flexible replication solution is perfect for businesses with a workforce deployed across multiple locations that relies on distributed Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations.

Rapidi replicator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV ensures all your teams can securely see, use and update data stored on your central ERP. This on-demand solution is fully scalable and customizable to match your business needs.

While Rapidi Replicator is ideal for large retail chains, reliably keeping hundreds of databases in sync and error-free, our on-demand service means much smaller businesses can also take advantage of this technology.

You may only need to replicate data across a few Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases today but as your business grows, Rapidi Replicator can grow with you, supporting your strategies and helping you reach your goals.


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Fast safe transfer
Fast Safe transfer

Securely exchange millions of data files every day

No-Error Data entry
No-error data entry

Flexible, two-way data exchange for 100% consistency across databases

Simple set-up
Simple set-up

Cloud solution with no additional Microsoft purchases needed

total support
Total Support

Our support model keeps your systems secure and up-to-date

Why Rapidi Replicator?

Rapidi Replicator ensures all your data is correct, current and secure. Our technology enables bi-directional data exchange across multiple databases, keeping them up-to-date and in sync.

Using highly advanced connection technology, data sharing is secure and no changes to legacy systems are required. All data is compressed and encrypted resulting in incredibly efficient, fast and safe data transfer that requires minimal bandwidth.

“I can indeed recommend Rapidi, both the technology and the people behind it.”

Eric Johansen, Managing Director, InLead


    Any business that requires many different users to access a single database
    You want a simple solution that generates results fast
    You need to know your data is secure and many files can be transferred in a short time
    You need your databases kept up-to-date and synchronised
    You want to eliminate multiple data entry or data error that’s currently causing costly delays and mistakes
    You want to empower your remote teams with data that will help them achieve their targets
The Replicator for MS Dynamics NAV made it possible to take advantage of the integration possibilities in our retail solution. The Replicator is the perfect solution for us as it provides data exchange between 199 stores and the headquarters in an easy, efficient and secure way.
Lars Ruben Hansen
IT Executive, Rema 1000
With Rapidi, we now have full control over our data and we have the flexibility we need.
Kimberly Johnson
Finance Manager at IMAN Cosmetics