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“We are problem solvers, committed to helping businesses perform better through their best possible use of data. We were among the first to solve the problem of data transfer, the first to create a dedicated data integration tool and the first to offer a data integration platform as a service. Now we consistently work to be the best.”

Michael Bock, Founder, Rapidi


Rapidi exists to help businesses maximize the data sharing and synchronization capabilities of their IT systems, improving performance across every department. If data is kept pristine and can be accessed universally, every team using that data can perform better.

Since the early 1990s, Rapidi has led innovation in the data integration industry. Our mission is to make data integration easier and faster with every evolution of our technology. We are equally focused on providing an outstanding experience for our customers and strive to offer a support service that is unsurpassed.

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Michael Bock
CEO, Founder & Head of Development
Michael Bock Founder & Head of Development

Michael founded Rapidi on technological excellence, fantastic customer service, and continuous improvement. A data integration specialist since 1987, he remains focused on creating technology that solves real business problems.

Beate Haunstrup Thomsen
Co-Founder & Product Design
Beate Haunstrup Thomsen Co-Founder & Product Design

As co-founder of the Rapidi, Beate has spent over two decades on its vision and development of the application, building it around her motto: 'keep it simple, functional yet beautiful.' She holds a Master's Degree in IT specializing in usability on websites.

Ada Tee
Head of Implementation
Ada Tee Head of Implementation ERP and CRM data projects and consultancy

Ada is an award-winning consultant and project manager, who leads Rapidi's larger implementations. Her very broad experience covers all major ERP and CRM data projects and consultancy.

Thomas Borring
Senior Technical Implementation & Support
Thomas Borring Senior Technical Implementation & Support data integration spans all major ERPs and databases.

As leader of Rapidi's technical services team, Thomas manages large projects and ongoing support. Thomas's vast experience in data integration spans all major ERPs and databases.

Žydra Tubelyte
Head of Customer Operations
 Žydra Tubelyte - Head of Customer Operations

With almost two decades of experience in the computer software industry, Zydra is in charge of the overall customer experience at Rapidi. She is a master of developing and implementing best practices for product management and quality assurance.

Marie Bock
Billing and Administration
marie bock

Marie manages all administration regarding payments and renewals at Rapidi. She handles product, partner and general enquiries at Rapidi.

Bujar Ismaili
Technical Support & Implementation Consultant
Bujar Ismaili rapidi salesforce microsoft dynamics data integration support implementation consultant

Bujar has extensive experience with data integration projects. His service-minded attitude, professional approach and technical skills make him an outstanding support and implementation consultant.

Peter Bock
Software Engineer & Developer

Peter holds a Master's Degree in Bio-informatics from Bordeaux. Combining his passion for computers and technology he specializes in Ruby on Rails contributing to a large extent to the development of our platform.

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“Our ongoing vision is to create outstanding data integration solutions that make a measurable difference to business performance. Integral to our corporate culture, and in turn our working environment, is our belief that customer service is as important as the technology we create. Everyone in our business shares the drive to offer our customers an exceptional experience using exceptional technology. This makes Rapidi a very dynamic, forward-thinking place to work."

Henning Lund, CEO, Rapidi


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