7 ways data replication can improve your business

By Henning Lund - December 14, 2016

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Many companies operating in a distributed environment need to put an extra effort into making sure they have accurate and good quality data. When you have a setup with hundreds of local retail shops, overseas production sites or simply sales or repairmen distributed over a large territory and each working from an individual laptop, it can be very challenging to create reports and analyze data. In order to do that, organizations need to be able to access transactional data in all local systems. They need all data captured locally to be automatically transferred between the systems in order to avoid double data entry. This way only they can base their decisions on accurate and up-to-date data, throughout the organization. Linking the different systems is an absolute must-do. A replication solution is the answer.

Who needs data replication?

Retailers, hotels chains, NGOs or any international companies with multiple sites are just some examples of organizations that could benefit from data replication between a central ERP system / database and several decentralized systems. How can they benefits? Let me take a few examples.

IMAN Cosmetics

IMAN Cosmetics produces make-up designed for multi-cultural women with all kinds of skin tones. IMAN Cosmetics needed a solution that would link their central Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution and their local warehouse solution, also based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Before implementing the Rapidi Replicator, IMAN Cosmetics had their data in both their local and our warehouse Microsoft Dynamics NAV. But the systems were not connected, so their employees didn’t have real-time access to the necessary data. In a vision of having an integrated warehouse solution, they needed a stable and secure link between those two Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems.

IMAN Cosmetics benefited by:
1 - Improving their work routines: IMAN Cosmetics reduced manual work processes and cut the time spent on entering data in two systems.
2 - Improving data accuracy: by removing double data entries they ensured higher data quality.
3 - Allowing all resources throughout the company to have access to valuable data – real-time.
4 - Increasing control and flexibility : they no longer need to involve a 3rd party to manage their data and build reports.

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REMA 1000

REMA 1000 is a multinational discount supermarket chain headquartered in Norway and with a strong presence in Scandinavia. They needed to allow for smooth data exchange between close to 200 stores and their headquarters. They found the best solution in the Rapidi Replicator. REMA 1000 needed to link 199 stores with their general financial system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV); which means a whole lot of data – about 1 million records – going back and forward every day between each store and the central headquarter. Information about products, prices, special offers, campaigns, employees had to be up-to-date in each store and at headquarter level. They needed all that information to be managed and transferred in an efficient and secure way.

REMA 1000 benefited by:
5- Saving time and money , because they could eliminate double data entries and gain access to always updated data.
6- Concentrating on their core business , because all additional workload, worries and uncertainties about their data was removed.
7- Gaining a better overview of their business thanks to full control of their data.

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These two examples are based on some of our customers using Microsoft Dynamics NAV but in reality, they could apply to any company in a distributed environment, regardless of the systems they are using and want to link. The challenges are the same and the solutions identical. Take our Rapidi Replicator for example. It is used by many companies running their business with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, but it can be used to link and replicate data between any two identical systems.

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