By Henning Lund - March 02, 2022

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A common thing for many companies is that they need access to the right data at the right time. This helps business leaders make informed decisions, provide excellent service and remain competitive. 

Replicating data between distributed systems provides the central overview businesses like yours need. This is why many business leaders turn to data replication solutions to improve data flows between their systems. They aim to improve their business processes and eventually reach higher efficiency.

This article will look into data replication solutions. In particular it will investigate what you should be looking for in a data replication solution. We will help you find out which solution will easily let you replicate data between different data sources.


What are the different types of data replication methods?

In the time of big data, data has become an extreme source of information and knowledge for companies. Data allows them to better understand and serve their customers. 

From that point on, data capture is important, but there is more to it. Storing data (for example in data centers, data warehouses or data lakes), merging data and accessing data has become crucial. 

Data replication is the process of copying data from one main/central database to one or more other data sources. Successful data replication involves impeccable data quality.

There are many different ways to replicate databases, for example: 

  • Full table replication
  • Partial replication
  • Transactional replication 

Is data replication a risky road?

Data replication is often seen as a necessary evil. A disruptive and somewhat dangerous process. However, data replication does not always come across as the easiest path to engage in. 

For many, data and database replication is still a synonym for troublesome and risky projects. Though, in a way, keeping working with distributed databases is eventually just as risky. 

The key success criteria is to choose the most suitable data replication solution. Then you will find that replicating business data between databases can be simple and stress-free. 

At Rapidi, we built our first Replicator back in the 1990’s. Since then, we have extended and redesigned the solution’s technology to be as fast, flexible, robust and secure as possible. 

We performed research and trials and errors. We collected best practices and learnings. The result can be found in the high performance data replication solution we can offer today.Rapidi Replicator - Replication of multiple databases

10 qualities of the best data replication solutions 

Choosing the best data replication will get you off to a great start. 

Your data replication solution should offer the following capabilities:

  1. Quickly identify the right data
  2. Distribute the data via whatever communication line or connection is available
  3. Pack and compress the data so it’s exchanged at an optimal rate
  4. Be secure so there’s no risk exposing your data from outside sources
  5. Quickly choose which data to replicate
  6. Enable full control of how data is shared
  7. Be flexible to avoid expensive changes of data integration technology
  8. Allow you to easily track and fix data or connection errors
  9. Be simple to maintain
  10. Give you data you can trust
  11. Increase your business intelligence and operational efficiency

A solution like the Rapidi Replicator can provide you with all of this. The Rapidi Replicator is a flexible and cost-effective solution. It can easily be adapted to your specific needs. 

10 data replication must-haves

A data replication solution must be easy to set up. With the Rapidi Replicator, you do not need to set up a VPN connection. Its configuration is done online, making its monitoring and maintenance simple and easy.

The Rapidi Replicator lets you monitor your data replication from anywhere and at any time. This means that you can access your ERP data 24/7. 

Today, the Rapidi Replicator is even available as a “hybrid” version. This means that you can replicate your data locally, but configure the transfers online.

Choosing the right solution provider is vital

Every IT deployment can be a risky endeavor. As a company, your data is one of your strongest assets. In the age of big data, collecting information about your customers has never been easier. 

At the same time, your customers have never had higher expectations of you. They expect you to know who they are, what they like and how they buy. They demand spotless customer service. They will not forgive you easily if you forget what their favorite product is or what they bought from you last time.

Your data is competitive strength. Data is said to be the new gold - or even the new oil. You do not want to let this invaluable resource in the wrong hands. You must find a data replication service provider that you can trust. 

A service provider such as Rapidi A/S is an interesting option. Rapidi strives to improve the way companies engage and deal with their data and systems. 

In the past decades, Rapidi has been transforming data integration and replication from a complex to simple task. We understand how data replication can improve your business.  

Example: Microsoft Dynamics NAV data replication 

Many companies worldwide have a need to replicate data between multiple Microsoft Dynamics NAV entities. It is especially the case in the hotel industry, or in retail chains. 

Hotel chains, supermarkets and retails groups can all benefit from replicating their ERP data between their point-of-sales and their central database. We have many examples of data replication customer success stories, for example, for Rema 1000.

Choosing the Rapidi Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution of choice. When you use the replicator, you do not need to purchase extra NAV objects. The Rapidi Replicator provides automatic data replication between multiple Microsoft Dynamics databases. 

This allows you to continue working and selling even if your network is down and replicate later. And it gives you the possibility of using Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services or NAS Server (Access to C/AL Code).

Microsoft Dynamics data replication with the Rapidi Replicator: how does it work?

The Rapidi Replicator runs with a unique technology called the RapidiConnector. The RapidiConnector resides in your on-premise network (or hosting center) connecting outbound to the central Rapidi Replicator on RapidiOnline. 

It enables two-way communication between your legacy systems. This unique protocol ensures the compression and secure transfer of all data between the different Microsoft Dynamics databases.

Using the RapidiConnector has many advantages:

  • Quick & easy installation saving you implementation costs
  • Automatic packing, compression & SSL encryption of data
  • No fixed IP addresses are needed
  • No inbound connection or need to open inbound ports (internal systems remain protected)

Your customer data and operational efficiency are vital to your business. The Rapidi Replicator takes all stress away from your data replication project. This is the only true way to bring you all the value of data synchronization and data replication.

The Rapidi Replicator was developed to facilitate seamless data synchronization across multiple Microsoft Dynamics databases. It is fully scalable and will support your business, whether you replicate data between a few databases or hundreds of them.

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