ERP-CRM integration – the key to excellent customer service

By Henning Lund - January 10, 2018

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Who would not want to provide impeccable service to their customers? I think that all the companies I have ever been in touch with have a desire to excel at customer service. However, this might be easier said than done. One of the prerequisites of spotless customer service is accurate customer data, and this is a point that many companies struggle with, often as a result of disconnected systems.

Our customers often wonder whether data integration really can help them solve this. Can a simple, off-the-shelf data integration system give access to accurate customer data across systems and allow you to provide excellent customer service? This is what the Ken Blanchard Companies experienced from integrating their CRM and ERP systems using RapidiOnline.


Easily provide best customer service with simple, off-the-shelf data integration solution

The Ken Blanchard Companies believes that everyone deserves to have a great manager. They have been training millions of the world’s best managers for more than 35 years, and are one of the largest leadership training and development companies in the world. To provide their clients with best experience possible they needed to be able to analyze customer interaction and data throughout the customer lifecycle. With and ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and a CRM ( in place, they believed that integrating these two systems would keep them from losing any of the customer data.

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The Ken Blanchard Companies had two key concerns when looking for a way to connect Microsoft Dynamics NAV with

  • They were worried about having an older version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to integrate with. This was never an issue with RapidiOnline. RapidiOnline can integrate to versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as old as 3.56 – and when they are ready to upgrade to a new version of the solution, their RapidiOnline will keep on supporting their ERP system.

  • They wanted a solution that could work “off-the-shelf” – and RapidiOnline was the perfect match.
    A lot of the other systems we looked at required a lot more custom programming in order to get the data synced properly. And you know anything that we can get off the shelf that runs and that needs as little attention of our time is really ideal. We have a very small IT department supporting a very large global organization, so we really need to have robust systems that integrate directly and that don’t need a lot of care and maintenance on our end and can run autonomously.” says Eric Clay, IT Director at The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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