RapidiOnline: Helping You Reach Your Goals


Michael Bock

We do it for our customers. Ok, doesn’t everyone want happy and satisfied customers? So, why do we want you to be a happy customer? 

RapidiOnline’s Mission is to help people achieve a better and more effective working day. We want you to be happy and get the most out of your data and make it available where it is needed. 

Apart from that we work towards that you want to stay with us and renew your service, what really drives us is when we are on a call with one of our customers and they say “I’m really happy now” - this is what makes us get up in the morning! 

We don’t stop until you are happy with what we deliver.


What drives us are our happy customers, the passion for innovation and the constant thrive for improving the system to offer you the best-in-class data integration and data replication platform. 

RapidiOnline provides services and solutions for data integration and replication and migration - delivered both as on-demand or on-premise solutions. We have our roots back in the early MS Dynamics NAV (Navision) and MS Dynamics AX (Axapta) days. 

The technology can be used to integrate almost any system or database but as we have developed in-dept expertise and knowledge around the Microsoft Dynamics product suite, this is were our focus is. 

With more than 20 years of experience and unique in-dept knowlegde in data integration and data replication we help companies worldwide of any scale to improve their business processes to make their working life easier and be more effective. 

We have offices in Denmark, France & Malaysia.