Helping you to reach your Goals

One of RapidiOnline's primary objectives is to bring you value. From innovative data integration products and services that enables instant access to critical business data throughout your organisation to cutting-edge technology that provides you with a more efficient way to work and gives you a clear overview of your Business, we're committed to enhance your ability to be a competitive industry leader.

Our value proposition is centered around a powerful solution - delivered and deployed quickly with your budget in mind, a dedicated support team serving you, and a firm focus on quality.

This strong and dedicated support combined with our large experience in developing data integration solutions - especially for the MS Dynamics products, come together to bring service and quality that makes you a winner.

Values & Strengths

Our Values

We believe in a safe and sound growth based on the need for our kind of products as well as developing quality solutions and applications. Therefore we urge to control our growth by following an economical responsible policy and common sense. This policy has lead to a nomination as AAA Company by the well renowned Dun and Bradstreed Danmark A/S in year 2000.

Our Strengths

We have a strong value proposition that is based on five fundamental concepts:

  • Performance – We’ve earned a reputation for providing high-quality data integration solutions.
  • Security – Our products represent the next wave in data security.
  • Reliability – We have the reputation for proving excellent, result-oriented service.
  • Scalability – From the individual to the enterprise, one code base addresses our entire product family.
  • Simplicity – The customer experience is enhanced through seamless installation.