Customer Success Stories

sacha roseThat is.......AMAZING!!!!!! This completely changes the viability of Thank you!

Sacha Rose, Managing Director at Derek Rose Ltd.

John BenderThe people at RapidiOnline are incredibly committed to their customers. They engage themselves with you and take their time to understand your needs and challenges.

John Bender, IT Manager at Lindab USA

karla sinclairRapidiOnline one of the best/easiest vendors we have. From the start, they lead us through the preparation & implementation process with much patience and were proactive in making sure we leveraged their product, SalesForce & Navision to the hilt. At first, I hesitated in using a vendor in Europe (we are in Atlanta, GA, USA), but Rapidi staff works around our hours and is never more than an email or Skype call away. The customer support is top-notch.

Karla Sinclair, Operational Manager at HomeSpice Decor

Bruce LoxtonWe chose RapidiOnline because of its vast experience and knowledge in building fully automated processes between CRM and ERP.

Bruce Loxton, Managing Director/Owner at Kimberley Karavans Pty Ltd.

steve smithThe volume of data on some of our transfers is quite high and RapidiOnline just deals with it.

Steve Smith, Systems Development Manager at QlikTech

IMANWe chose RapidiOnline because of their large experience with data integration and MS Dynamics NAV. The way Michael transferred the data quickly and simply provided strong support and professionalism, made it a pleasure working with RapidiOnline.

Kimberly Johnson, Finance Manager at IMAN Cosmetics

peter grandtHaving been able to integrate MS Dynamics NAV and Salesforce all the information needed is now visible to all our account executives. This makes it easier for our sales people to get an overview of the sales and make statistics without having to switch to other systems. This translates into better customer and partner relationships and in the end – more sales!

Peter Grandt, Online Manager at Milestone Systems A/S

allan iskovWith RapidiOnline there is less manual work and no dublicated data entry which liberates valuable resources. All this saves us both time and money.

Allan Iskov, Business Process Manager at NetOp A/S

gert lyngeRapidiOnline’s data integration solution was recommended by our CRM partner and made it possible to take advantage of the valuable data in our systems. The data coming from our ERP system to our CRM system can now be used in a product matrix, where we can get an overview the total sales made by product and by client over time. Having this overview gives us a competitive advantage and leads to more sales.

Gert Lynge, IT Executive at Inter-Data A/S

Jan AndersenWe have been working with RapidiOnline for several years now. Their integration technology is very efficient and powerful. It is capable of moving a huge amount of data in a fast and secure way. It has always been a pleasure working with RapidiOnline. I've always been very pleased with the response time and quality that I get when I ask for technical support. All of the technical support people are really friendly, and have always been able to help me get to the root of my problem.

Jan Andersen, IT Manager, LGT Logistics A/S (former GM-ITM)

lars ruben hansenAs there are 222 stores you can imagine there are a lot of data – about 1 million records - going back and forward every day between each store and the central head quarter. Information about e.g. products, prices, special offers, campaigns, employees etc. has to be up-to-date in each store and the head quarter. We needed all that information to be managed and transferred in an efficient and secure way.

Lars Ruben Hansen, IT Executive at Rema 1000