Always Up-to-date Data of Food Stock

Wiesenhof in Germany is a major player in the food industry. The primary customers are the large food retail chains and lorries with the Wiesenhof logo on their sides are very familiar sights on the roads.

More than 20 local sites with a total of 13 Navision servers communicate with the headquarters. The Data Backbone software ensures that the communication between all these servers flows seamlessly. Furthermore they use the Data Backbone software to gather statistical data from all the sites into a central business intelligence system. By having this up-to-date data the company can get at quick and current overview of the production and in that way make further decision concerning the business.

Wiesenhof has a very high level of Navision expertise; in fact, they develop their own add-on modules and utilities for their Navision systems. Wiesenhof could have chosen to develop their own communication software but they chose to buy the standard data exchange software from Data Backbone Software A/S in order to get a well-proven system maintained by the supplier. This allows Wiesenhof’s IT Department to concentrate on their core business processes. The Data Backbone software is a key component, ensuring that all the many different types of data (statistics, sales orders, stock information, etc.) from different databases are being exchanged between the relevant servers.

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