Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Data Replication of multiple Microsoft Dynamics AX Databases

The Replicator can be used with either Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics AX.

The Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to replicate data between two or more Microsoft Dynamics AX databases.


NAV server replicationA typical use involves replicating data between a central ERP system/database and to/from several decentralised systems. These could e.g. be servers/databases situated in remote locations/countries or factories or even on boats.



data replication in remote areas




Another scenario could be having laptops with a local stand alone database used by salesmen, service technicians or an NGO employee travelling in remote areas


retail store nav database replicationAnother use case for the Replicator is for the retail industry - where you want to have products and pricing in stores kept up-to-date from the central and you want all transactions send back to the central on a daily basis.



The Replicator can scale from replication of a system with just a few databases to replication of large installations with several hundreds of databases and several parallel processes - all handled in a timely manner.