Don’t gamble with your data

By Henning Lund - July 13, 2017

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Data is a company asset, just like people, time and money. You shouldn't be gambling with your data or you might risk losing it. Instead, you should invest in improving your data quality and in fueling this data in your sales process – because this will increase customer satisfaction, improve your reporting capabilities for better decision-making, and eventually it will boost your revenue .

Why is data so valuable?

Data is your company’s history and experience made tangible. It provides you with everything you need to get a better overview and run your company efficiently. It gives marketing the foundation to select better target groups, create personalized campaigns and fuel up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Having consistent, up-to-date, accurate data gives your sales people at 360° view on your customers. It improves the quality of sales process tremendously. For example, it enables your sales force to be more precise and bring more value to the customer dialogue. It also eliminates time wasted switching between systems to find, which, let’s face it does not bring any value to your company.

All companies use data to create strategies, make important decisions, and set business goals. Having good data will help you to align strategies and identify areas of growth. And in today’s competitive environment, being able to make those decisions before your competition, or making the best decision for your business is crucial to growing your business.

The ability to analyze and act on data should be top of your mind. You need to react quickly to changing demands from customers and environmental conditions. But decisions are increasingly complex especially if you compete in a global marketplace. You need to understand your data (even if sometimes we are talking about huge volumes of data) before they can make the necessary decisions.

Avoid islands of data

Disconnected systems that create Islands of data is unfortunately the current scenario for many promising companies worldwide. And it is not only frustrating for the people who are hands on with the systems. It is also frustrating for management who is limited and cannot optimize the business operations and expand the business as rapid as they would like to. If you don't create the necessary foundation for efficiency before you grow, the only thing that will grow durably in your company is inefficiency.

How do you make your data flow?

When your data is split over several systems, you need these systems to communicate and exchange data. How do you do that? Well, think about it this way: data flows just like electricity, in a wire, to be utilized where it is most needed. When your data is moved seamlessly from one system to another it eliminates manual inefficiencies and allows you to automate your business processes. You can then use your data actively to improve your bottom line.

Modern technologies have made it so easy to be a data connected company, which does not only solve a lot of problems and frustration for many companies - it is also a platform for future growth, customer satisfaction an employee motivation to focus on what's most important for you and your clients.

Keep your data safe

Integrating your systems might seem like a good idea, but how to you make you that your data is protected? What happens when you integrate two systems? Does the transfer of data from one system to the other expose and potentially endanger the security of your data? How does data integration impact data security? Can data integration make your company more vulnerable to a data security breach?

For example, at RapidiOnline, we have had focus on data integration for the past many years and data security has always been top of our minds. The way we enable secure data integration is in reality quite simple. The RapidiOnline Services run with a technology called the RapidiConnector that ensures compressed and secure data transfer between RapidiOnline and different on-premise systems. And of course, to ensure efficiency and security the data is compressed and encrypted. Using RapidiOnline means your systems are never exposed to the outside world so hackers cannot gain access. Your data is kept secure and you can use it to invest in your future growth, in all safety.

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