System integrator and system upgrades: make the right decision from the start

By Henning Lund - March 12, 2019

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When your different systems work together as one, they support your company processes and your business ambitions in the most optimal way. This is what system integrators like RapidiOnline can provide you – whether you wish to integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, or any CRM with any ERP. Upgrade is the one thing that can compromise this picture perfect. What happens when you have to upgrade one (or all) of your systems?

We have many customers that have been happy with their Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics systems working together, and they would be happy never changing anything. However, now and then, decisions from Salesforce or Microsoft to discontinue support of older version can push companies to upgrade to a newer version of one (or all) of their systems. Not because they are dissatisfied, but because they have to.

When upgrade is the only option

For example, some of our customers had to upgrade from their Microsoft Dynamics 2009 when Microsoft announced  that NAV 2009 was no longer supported on Windows 10 devices.  Now, that was not all bad, and being brought up to one of the newest versions of Dynamics (NAV 2018 or 365) also brought up a lot of new functionalities and user experience improvements. What they worried about was their system integration. Would the integration still work the same? Would their different systems still work “as one”?

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turning the upgrade challenge into an opportunity

In such a case, RapidiOnline can of course easily keep supporting the very same business processes and data transfers between Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. What’s interesting that that many customers decided to add to these transfers, to take full advantage of the new features in their Microsoft Dynamics ERP. When they realized that the system integrator was not a show stopper in the process of upgrading their systems, they started seeing the possibilities of new transfers to gain additional process efficiencies based on newly gained functionalities.

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This is when a challenge becomes an opportunity and when Salesforce and Dynamics users realize that having the right system integration can be instrumental to the success of their business, today and in the future.

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