Jump start your Salesforce - Dynamics integration (webinar)

By Henning Lund - August 29, 2018

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You have heard about the benefits of integrating Salesforce with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP (whether it is AX, GP, NAV, or 365). You know it could boost your sales and drastically improve customer service. You might have heard that data integration isn't that straight-forward and can be quite expensive.

Is Salesforce-Dynamics integration expensive and complex? Are there clever ways to make easier and more affordable? What if you have customization in Salesforce and/or Dynamics? You can get an answer to all these questions and more by attending our webinar about Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics ERP integration (September 4th, 11.AM CST / 6 PM CEST).

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With over 25 years’ experience in strategically propelling businesses forward, Henning is considered a business development entrepreneur with a passion for transforming businesses, sales and marketing operations through out-of-the-box thinking, concepts building and process automation to improve overall performance and scalability.
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WHY INTEGRATE YOUR SOLUTIONS?  There are numerous benefits to systems integration, for example CRM - ERP  integration.  Enhance collaboration:   * Accurate data, 360-degree customer overview and better internal teams  collaboration.  Increase efficiency:   * No double data entries, no switch between systems, no manual errors,  automated processes.  Boost growth:   * Better decision support, increased customer satisfaction, sell more and  sell faster.

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