RapidiOnline, supporting Xsens’ data integration needs for over a decade

By Henning Lund - January 30, 2020

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Xsens, a leader and innovator in the field of 3D motion tracking technology and products, has been using RapidiOnline for ten years, with great success. Xsens originally considered single-vendor solutions for their ERP and CRM needs, such as SAP. But even though these tools can be very powerful, they also tend to be more expensive, and less flexible. Instead, they chose to implement Salesforce and connect it to their Microsoft Dynamics NAV, using RapidiOnline – which they did with great success and did not regret. 10 years later, even after a significant upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 and a changes to Salesforce due to new NAV capabilities, they are still RapidiOnline fans.

Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, connected with RapidiOnline

“RapidiOnline proved its worth to us over a decade, and I would definitely recommend it to other companies. It is excellent value for the money, it works, and Rapidi’s service is good.”

Jeroen Weijts, Senior Operations Manager at Xsens


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With over 25 years’ experience in strategically propelling businesses forward, Henning is considered a business development entrepreneur with a passion for transforming businesses, sales and marketing operations through out-of-the-box thinking, concepts building and process automation to improve overall performance and scalability.
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