'Activate Changes' feature improved and MyRapidi interface improvements

By Beate Thomsen, Co-founder & Product Design - October 06, 2016

Improved visibility, security & better response time

In this blog post we have accumulated a few feature updates that might be very useful to you. Please read on to learn more... 

'Activate changes' feature improved

When using the 'activate changes' feature under e.g. Transfers or Groups in MyRapidi, it can sometimes take several seconds for the system to respond. In some situations it would even result in an error message saying that it could not finish the 'active changes' as a transfer is currently running and that you would have to return later to 'activate changes'.

We have now changed the 'activate changes' feature to start as an overall process in the background that will wait for any schedule or transfer that is currently running to finish and then do the loading of the changes (and restarting the scheduler).

So, for you as a user the process is now more responsive and simple and there is no need to for you to remember to 'activate changes' again as the system will do it for you.

To use this new feature, your Central Service needs to be on version 3.2.94h or later.
Please contact support to arrange this upgrade.


Additional information about the RapidiConnector

To improve visibility and also security you can now see the name of the computer where the RapidiConnector is running and the name of the windows service that it is running as - besides the information about the external IP address. We added this information to make it easier for you to see where the RapidiConnector actually is installed and to make it easier for us and the RapidiOnline Team to guide you when setting up or changing the integration.

This update will require that your RapidiConnector is on version 3.2.94f or later.
Please contact support to arrange this upgrade.


MyRapidi user interface changes

Mobile menu
We are totally aware of that you sometimes check the status of your transfers etc. on other devices than your desktop computer like when you are on the go and not at your office desk. Therefore we are continuously putting an effort into the MyRapidi user interface when looking at it on smaller devices like your smartphone or tablet. Recently we have been working on improving the mobile menu - making it more smooth to work with.

Login page
Furthermore we have rearranged the login page, moved some of the information from the right column to be displayed as links under the login section. Underneath the login section we have added the sign-up link.
Please note that - just as before - the sign up link should only be used by the first user of the company signing up for a new RapidiOnline service. If your company already uses RapidiOnline and you need access to an existing RapidiOnline Service, then please ask your administrator to create you as user on the account.

To the right of the login section we have added a section containing some links to our product updates - in that way you can also dive into the product news feed via the login page. However, as we have limited space on mobile devices we have chosen not to show them on mobile devices and tablet portrait version. If you think it would be useful to have them on mobile also please let us know. 

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MyRapidi Statistics pages now cached

We are happy to announce that we have now introduced a caching mecanishm on the Statistics pages. For services that have a lot of transfers running, the Statistics pages can be quite slow to load as they might need to examine hundred thousends of records to generate a page. We now cache these pages meaning that after you have viewed a specific page for a specific month we will cache this page and the next time you navigate to the same page, it will be a lot faster.

We hope you find the changes and improvements useful. In any case we would love to hear your feedback. Either leave a comment below or send us an email or last but not least sign up for a quick session for you to get at change to talk to our customer success team. 

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