upgrade and API Calls Limit check (version 3.2.88x)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - April 12, 2014

SFDC update of communication error handling.

For, we have lately seen a number of disconnects during the communication with their server. In the RapidiOnline logs this would typically be shown as error messages including the words "BIO_read should not retry" or "BIO_write should not retry". This is probably due to high load on the servers.

To avoid that this leads to errors in the processing of Transfers, we now check for these messages and automatically try to reconnect to the SFDC Server and then resend the message.

SFDC New feature: Check on API calls available.

In you have a limited total number of API calls available per 24 hours. If you use up the number of API calls, then SFDC will respond with a error message until you get back under the limit for the last 24 hours (i.e. you have to wait some hours and then you can try again). If one application uses up all the API calls, then other applications cannot do any API calls either, which can be quite annoying.

RapidiOnline now checks some new header information included in the latest SFDC API version 29.0 release thats called LimitInfo. This information allows us to stop using API calls before the API limit is reached and thus leave some calls for other applications.

By default RapidiOnline will stop and issue an error if less than 100 API calls are available. This limit can be changed in the server cfg file by setting the "SForceMinAPICallsFree" parameter. Please ask out support to do this. 

SFDC default API version updated.

We have updated which SFDC API version we are using and are now by default using the partner API version 29.0

Our support can change what API version your service is using, if you need a newer or older version.

Please be carefull to do Read Design and test that transfers work correctly if you upgrade to this version or a later version as there can be changed behavior in the SFDC API calls. See the SFDC WebService API documentation for details.

version 3.2.88x (12-04-2014)

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