Now Supporting Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (3.2.92z)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - June 07, 2016

We are happy to announce that we now have full support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

Now you can enjoy easy integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and any of our other supported systems or databases. This includes our pre-built integration to Salesforce but also integration or replication between earlier Microsoft Dynamics NAV systems and the latest MS Dynamics NAV version allowing you to have a smooth upgrade in your organization without you needing to upgrade all systems at the same time.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be installed in a few different ways - either locally (as in earlier versions) or you can now also install it on Azure. We support both options.

We can access Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 in two different ways - either using our SQL-based Connector to read data directly from the database (its the fastest way to read data) or using our SOAP web service Microsoft Dynamics NAV Connector to read, insert or update data. We typically use a combination of both methods to provide the best integration.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 support is available from version 3.2.92y - please contact our support to arrange an upgrade of your connectors if needed.

Now also supporting partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Furthermore, we provide integration with the partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. With the hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 version the partner will not allow any changes or additional programs or services to be installed in their server environment.

In these situations, we can set up our central service to communicate directly with any exposed web services on the partner side. These connections always use SSL to protect the data that is sent between the systems and you normally authenticate using a username and password (that you set up on the connection).

To connect to a partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics NAV you need to be on version 3.2.92z for the central RapidiOnline Service. Please contact our support to arrange this.

As always we are happy to answer any questions you might have or to discuss the best way to upgrade to the latest MS Dynamics NAV version.



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