Connector Updates (version 3.2.91d)

By Michael Bock, Founder & CEO - March 03, 2015

Over the last few weeks we have done some updates to our Connector which I will present to you below. These changes are quite specific to some customer situations, so you might not need to upgrade your service.

  1. In some cases you could get a INVALID_SESSION_ID error message from This could happen when using as Destination and when reading the relevant data from the Source system takes a very long time (this can happen when using our Mirror Technology and having several 100.000 records to process). We are talking times in the range of 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. What happens is that the connection gets a timeout and that the session itself is also expired on Salesforce API side.  We now intercept this message and automatically do a new login to and send the data again. In this way the error is handled by the RapidiOnline Central Service and you wont even see the error message anymore. We also took the opportunity to clean up our existing error handling for connection issues so this works better and more the same way as the normal operation.  You need to be on version 3.2.90u Central RapidiOnline Service.
  2. We now update the dataSent and dataReceived numbers on the Log entry for WebService based direct Connections (connections that are direct from the Central RapidiOnline Service and not through a RapidiConnector). This is the case for connections. Before we only updated the Package Sent and Received numbers, which for Salesforce btw corresponds to the number of API calls made. This change will allow you to get a general idea about the volume of data sent to and received from the server. You need to be on version 3.2.91a Central RapidiOnline Service.
  3. When reading from using SourceControl (set to DBSourceControl, this is used to read only the changes from and not all records), we could get an error message with EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT from The message means that there are too many changes made in since the last successfull update. The default value for this limitation on side, is 200.000 records, but this limit can be raised for a specific Salesforce Instance. We now automatically handle this error and default back to do a full sync of all records - the same way as we handle the initial sync when you start to use this feature. The full sync can take a long time, but so would synching more than 200.000 records - anyway this is an exceptional situation to be in. You need to be on version 3.2.91d of the Central RapidiOnline Service.

  4. Please note, that when you are using SourceControl to read from you should not use the Commit Per setting (set it to 0). If this is set differently and you get an error on the transfer half way through, we cannot guarantee that all changes will be transferred.

To upgrade you Central RapidiOnline Service, please contact our Support.



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