Salesforce to SQL Server Integration

By Henning Lund - June 22, 2020

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Along the past many years, Salesforce has built a strong reputation as the worldwide # 1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Salesforce is a pioneer in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market. It is a powerful tool that helps companies focus on customer data to perform strong business transformations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains) has for many years been a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. It has been used by many organizations to grow and manage their accounts, stock and operations smoothly.  

These two systems can be very complementary for companies. Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics GP would make a lot of sense for them. However, this would require a Salesforce to SQL integration, which is not necessarily straightforward.

By integrating Salesforce with SQL server, you allow these two systems to work together and become even more powerful. They become even more valuable to your business. This can be done easily with solutions such as RapidiOnline.

What is Microsoft SQL server?

Simply put, Microsoft SQL server is a database management system. The first version of SQL was released already in 1989, while its latest release is from November 2019. SQL simply stands for "Standard Query Language". Basically, the Microsoft SQL server primary function is to collect and store data requested by other systems. SSIS packages are usually used to merge data from diverse data sources with SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL server is supported on Microsoft Dynamics GP from version 10.0 SP5. Microsoft SQL server integration can be done more or less easily according to the system you want to integrate with.

Salesforce integration to Microsoft SQL server

Exporting data from Salesforce to Microsoft SQL server can be done in different ways. There are today several solutions that can perform the task. For example, it is possible to export data from Salesforce to SQL Server using SQL Server Integration Service (also known as "SSIS"). Read more about SSIS here.

INtegrating Salesforce with microsoft SQL Server Integration Services SSIS

But if you want to have a seamless integration between Salesforce and SQL, you should look at a data integration platform instead. Using a data integration platform such as RapidiOnline, integrating Salesforce with SQL might be much simpler than you had imagined.

When you talk about SQL server database integration, many remember the old times when you would have to build your own interface. In reality, few businesses have the resources or know-how to do this. Not all setups can provide robust data integration, so even those who could do it themselves might have struggled.

This is where data integration as a service such as RapidiOnline that provide SQL integration services comes handy.

Integrating a solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP with Salesforce helps you provide better customer insight and increased revenue. This works also with other CRM solutions. Our Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics GP integration allows you to do this quickly and easily. 

The RapidiOnline Salesforce to SQL integration service

Some data integration services are basic, relying on importing and exporting data using XML or file transfer. Such solution can quickly prove to be insecure, slow and prone to errors.

Our SQL integration service:

  • Reads data directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
    Our system reads data directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with tailored SQL server support. This approach gives first-class performance.


  • Updates and inserts new records into Microsoft Dynamics GP.
    We use Microsoft Dynamics GP stored procedures to update and insert records. This means that when you install Microsoft Dynamics GP and start using it, stored procedures are added to the SQL database.

This provides an extra layer of functionality, as they are designed specifically to update and insert records in Microsoft Dynamics GP. They are used by Microsoft Dynamics’ own integration products, eConnect and Integration Manager.

They help make sure that the business rules and code associated with each object are executed, and the system runs smoothly.

Why our approach works:

Our approach is designed to provide what your business needs: fast, efficient performance.

We promise you:

  • Better speed and performance
    We go directly to the database and stored procedures. There’s no extra layer of code to go through that translates a WebService (eConnect) or XML (Integration Manager) into a stored procedure. The system works fast, from the beginning, with no need to set up anything else.

  • Fast, easy implementation
    Our integration supports reading the layout (names and parameters) of stored procedures, passing data to them and executing the stored procedures. It handles errors returned by the stored procedures. This makes it an easy job to set up transfers and map data from another system into Dynamics GP.

  • Support for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP
    We have a deep technical understanding of Dynamics GP. This means we’ve created an integration that supports all existing versions, and is likely to be capable of supporting all future versions too.

  • Data transfer optimization
    We use a remote procedure call to execute stored procedures. We pass the parameters to the procedures in binary, avoiding time-consuming text parameter processing.

Pre configured integration for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our standard Salesforce to Dynamics GP integration includes pre configured integration points for common integration needs. This means that, for example, customers in Dynamics GP are integrated automatically with Salesforce accounts. The integration can happen in real time. 

Our standard integration product covers 80% of most companies’ needs, but we can customize it to suit yours. Because most integration points are pre configured, we’ll have the integration up and running and in use in your business super-fast.

Valuable Salesforce data can definitely be used in an ERP system. And vice-versa. Therefore, a Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics GP integration has contributed to many businesses' data transformation. Your company can also benefit from it.

Want to know more about Salesforce to SQL server integration? You will learn more about this by downloading this e-book.

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