Integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Dynamics GP for a smooth payroll process (case story)

By Henning Lund - January 04, 2019

One of the most burdensome tasks for a company that provides temporary staff, is undoubtedly the payroll process. It can include the collection of timecards from staff, verification, and data entry, the calculation of pay and deductions, and then actually paying wages to the employee.

Flexible & Robust Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics GP integration

KTBLACK Services is a staffing company based in Texas that provides skilled labor to employers around the United States, with recruiters based in several regional offices. Payroll is a major service that KTBLACK provides to their customers and employees, simplifying the hiring of a large number of people for a short time, such as to staff a convention or festival. A flexible and smooth handling of payroll is so important for them, that is has actually become one of their most important competitive advantages. KTBLACK Services uses Salesforce in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics GP and they know they know that a spotless integration between these two systems is a prerequisite to a well-functioning payroll handling. A fast, robust and reliable Salesforce-Microsoft Dynamics GP integration is what they have achieved with RapidiOnline.

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