Boosting sales with Salesforce - NAV integration (case story)

By Henning Lund - August 22, 2018

World leader in technical embroidery, ZSK Embroidery Machines needed an upgrade of the IT tools available to their sales team. The company already had a Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation that could be used by the sales team... with effort. Since Sales Reps didn't have access to NAV they had to phone or e-mail someone on the Finance team to get the data or reports they needed. Today, they have implemented Salesforce and RapidiOnline and can report that their sales team gets more information than ever before. They are very close to a true 360 degree view of each customer.

Endless gains in business efficiency

Florian Nicolai, IT Consultant for ZSK was impressed with the almost endless gains in business efficiencies from having a Salesforce-Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration. For example, their sales teams can do all their work in Salesforce and the finance team has all the information they need in NAV ready for the generation of invoices.

Seamless data integration experience

Florian Nicolai was also impressed with the capabilities of RapidiOnline and how RapidiOnline could handle the bidirectional shifting of some data, such as contacts. "I was astonished with how powerful the interface was."


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