When you think you are forced to upgrade your ERP and then this happens...

By Henning Lund - October 12, 2020

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Everybody running an ERP system is at least once a year asked if they want to upgrade their system. On the one hand you may be tempted to do so as you would like to take advantage of the new features, but the benefits have to exceed the total price of upgrading. And the price for an ERP upgrade, together with the risk of negative impact on the business during the upgrade process onboarding the new version, often prevents organizations from doing this yearly update. Luckily.

WHat is Pace Layered Architecture?

Pace Layered Architecture is a thinking around the fact that different systems do not need to go through the same life cycle and they don’t need upgrades at the same pace. Legacy systems have to comply with local statutory requirements and they don’t need bigger changes to provide the transactional efficiency to an organization once it is in place. Sales and marketing systems have to be more agile and be upgraded much more frequently – actually so frequently that upgrades only become updates, that are faster and easier to implement.

That is why many organizations separate their ERP and CRM platforms. Another thing is that you often choose different vendors and platforms, because software companies cannot be market leaders for all software types. My favorite example is the scenario where a company uses salesforce.com as their CRM and Microsoft Dynamics as their ERP, which is very common in today’s business landscape.

How your data integration solution can help

With a pre-configured cloud integration solution like RapidiOnline that is software version independent, you can upgrade your systems individually at the pace that suits you, enabling your business to invest and grow in the areas were you get the highest return on investment.

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Pace Layered Architecture is not something new but the thinking is super relevant when looking at how you can utilize an integrated systems platform instead of trying to do everything in one system that is not the best choice for all processes. Gartner made a fine piece on this you can read here, it should be mandatory reading for anyone working professionally with technology.

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